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Item Duplication Glitch Discovered in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

by Justin Berube - July 15, 2013, 4:16 pm PDT
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The economy is doomed.

An item duplication glitch has been discovered in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

This glitch requires two players and an Internet connection. The steps are as follows:

(NOTE: Nintendo World Report and/or the author are not responsible for any damage done to your game or save file. Do this at your own risk.)

  1. Have the first player open up their town to friends over the Internet. This player will be known as the host.
  2. The second player, the visitor, should grab the item(s) they wish to duplicate and then travel to the host town.
  3. Once the visitor arrives in the host town, they should drop all the items they wish to duplicate on the ground.
  4. The host then needs to press start and select End The Multiplayer Session.
  5. Once the session is ending, the visitor needs to physically flick the switch on their 3DS's Wi-Fi to off at the right time when their game is saving. (Note: The host doesn't disconnect their Wi-Fi.)

The timing in which the visitor needs to disconnect in step five supposedly varies depending on latency from, according to people I've talked to. I've had the most success switching it off as the save wheel is about at its first half rotation on the visitors 3DS. Others have told me they have had the best results at one full rotation.

Here are some tips, in case you are having trouble:

  • If the visitor disconnects their Wi-Fi too early both the host and visitor will get a Resetti error message.

  • If the visitor disconnects too late only the visitor will have the Resetti error message. Once the game restarts itself the item will no longer be in the visitors pocket but it will still be on the ground in the host town.

  • If done correctly only the visitor will have the Resetti error. Upon recovering from this error the visitor will find they are back in their town with all the items they left with, basically reverting the to their previous save. The host, having saved his game properly, will have the item(s) the visitor dropped still sitting in their town.


ejamerJuly 15, 2013

How lame do you need to be to cheat at Animal Crossing?  Oh wait.. don't even think I want to know the answer, given how many time travelling fiends are out there.

RodrigueJuly 15, 2013

Glad I don't give a crap about trading in that game.

This feels like the duping trick from Pokemon Red/Blue all over again.

nickmitchJuly 15, 2013

It's more like the GTS trick we see today.

ShyGuyJuly 15, 2013

Stupid Fed pumping the town economy by pumping Bells into the system. Hyper inflation will cause Tom Nook's prices to go waayyyy up.

leahsdadJuly 15, 2013

This is Weimar Germany all over again. 

EasyCureJuly 16, 2013

Quote from: ShyGuy

Stupid Fed pumping the town economy by pumping Bells into the system. Hyper inflation will cause Tom Nook's prices to go waayyyy up.

Can Nintendo patch the game to do just this? A changing economy in real time for this game would be pretty amazing

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJuly 16, 2013

I actually thought it'd be pretty cool if items like Turnip prices, bug prices, fish prices, etc.. were all affected by how many people were selling them.  For example, you might wake up to Retail buying turnips at 512.  So, you sell off all of yours.  Then, you start inviting people in.  As more people sell, Retail starts offering less and less. Same with any particular creature.  Start farming beetles at night?  Eventually, they'll be worthless.  Meanwhile, those SeaBass that you're always throwing back.. suddenly, there's a demand for them.

To me, using this glitch would only cheat yourself.  Animal Crossing to me is all about the journey of slowly building up your house and city, and fast-tracking that too much would only cheapen the experience and shorten the amount of time you get into the game. 

pokepal148July 17, 2013

considering how utterly absurd some items are to get (getting a functional ABD for your house requires you to store 100,000,000 bells in the bank,) it isn't all bad.

SugarPixelzJuly 25, 2013

I did this accidentally the other day before I knew about this. My friend was at my town and I put a bunch of stuff down for him and he picked it up and left. But I still had the gate open and I forgot about it and I shut my DS and when I opened it, he had the stuff, but I had the stuff on the ground where I left it.

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