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Homebrew Hacker Explains Recent DSi Update

by Aaron Kaluszka - May 20, 2011, 1:19 am PDT
Total comments: 9 Source: http://hackmii.com/2011/05/dsi-system-update-1-4-2...

Firmware update blocks save file exploits.

DSi hacker yellows8 detailed the recent DSi firmware update, which was released on May 10. Nintendo DSi Menu Ver 1.4.2 plugs a hole where a specially crafted save file could be loaded from an SD card to install an exploit onto the DSi system's memory, allowing homebrew to be played.

On January 27, Team Twiizers released a save file hack that exploited a bug in EA's Sudoku DSiWare title. The exploit allowed users to run homebrew software that could access to "DSi mode," features specific to the DSi, such as the cameras and faster processing speeds in comparison to the DS.

Shortly thereafter on January 28, Nintendo removed the software from the DSi Shop after an estimated 350 individuals installed the exploit. A fixed version, which also detects and removes the exploit, was released on March 24.

yellows8 explains that a flaw in the way Nintendo verified save files allowed the hackers to load their own edited save files. When loading a DSiWare title, the DSi previously looked at a file on the SD card to verify its integrity. After the update, the system instead checks a security file stored in internal memory, thus blocking all "current and future" DSiWare save file exploits.

Last Tuesday's System Menu update also blocked most flash cards, which can be used to play homebrew as well as pirated games, from working on the system. Immediately following the update, the various flash card manufacturers updated their own firmware to bypass the new prevention measures. CycloDS iEvolution, the only flash card to work in DSi mode, was not blocked by the update.

According to Nintendo's North American support site, the "update provides behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance." The Japanese equivalent site adds that security was improved. It is not clear what the performance improvements entail.


And once again, Nintendo blocks homebrew, but piracy goes on in full force.

Mop it upMay 20, 2011

By the sound of it, that's because homebrew is easier to block than piracy.

Chozo GhostMay 20, 2011

Well, at least Nintendo isn't suing people for homebrewing.... unlike a certain other company.

CericMay 21, 2011

The bottom line for Nintendo is the Same whether its Homebrew or Piracy except with Homebrew they don't even get the little bit from the developers kits and the legally obtained copies of the games.  I would prioritize Homebrew over Piracy as well.  Though in the Homebrew seen I would be quick to get what is being homebrewwed and why.  Then try to incorporate them into the fold that makes me profits.  (Sort of like what I hear the XBLA indie area is.)

I wouldn't want to extinguish anyones passion but it is a business and I don't want to starve someone's kids either.  Though enough of it may cause a re-evaluation of the vetting process.

They make money off of hardware.

KDR_11kMay 21, 2011

Also homebrew rarely competes with retail games, I've got homebrew on my Wii and I rarely use the HBC for anything besides playing imported retail games. I still buy lots of retail games.

Yeah, I have a bunch of stupid homebrew stuff on there, but I can't remember the last time I used it for anything other than playing imports or using the Classic Controller in DKCR, both of which depend on me buying games from Nintendo.

CericMay 21, 2011

Quote from: MegaByte

They make money off of hardware.

Which if more than probably > 1% of users bought the system only because of Homebrew it might be a good argument but I bet it pales in comparison to the profits of 1 mediocre game. 

Pretty much Nintendo should take away that people want a legal way to region unlock their system and DKCR should have had classic controller support.

On the flipside though how could Nintendo allow homebrew but not piracy in any of its forms, this include emulators, which also wouldn't possibly get them in trouble with license agreements they don't have, DVD players, and won't cut into their different divisions profits?

waseemMay 22, 2011

The reason why Nintendo has released this update is so that all future software that you download from the dsi ware will not be able to transfer to the 3DS. Only past games will be. If there was a game you were going to download on your dsi then take it to your 3DS, its to late.

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