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Nintendo Distributing Dead or Alive Dimensions in Europe

by Matthew Blundon - March 24, 2011, 2:44 pm PDT
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Nintendo of Europe will bring Tecmo Koei's new fighter to European territories. 

Today Nintendo of Europe and Tecmo Koei announced that Nintendo will distribute Dead of Alive Dimensions in Europe later this year.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nintendo will take care of the sales, marketing and distribution of the game in Europe, while Tecmo Koei will remain as the publisher. A similar arrangement is in place with Capcom for Super Street Fighter IV 3D.

Dead or Alive Dimensions, which was recently delayed in Japan due to the recent earthquake, is on track for a May release in Europe.

Nintendo Signs Distribution Deal With Tecmo Koei for Dead or Alive Dimensions in Europe

24th March, 2011 – Nintendo and TECMO KOEI EUROPE LTD., European publisher of interactive entertainment software, today confirmed they have entered into a distribution agreement for DEAD OR ALIVE® Dimensions for Nintendo’s upcoming new portable gaming system, Nintendo 3DS. The brand new Nintendo 3DS, which allows 3D gaming without the need for special glasses will become available across Europe on 25th March 2011 with DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions arriving in May 2011 as part of the launch period line-up of games. Under the terms of the agreement Nintendo will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of the game throughout European territories, with TECMO KOEI remaining as publisher.

This is the first time ever an instalment in the world-famous fighting game franchise, DEAD OR ALIVE has been made for a Nintendo platform. With the Nintendo 3DS system bristling with new interactive features that will enhance gameplay, this newest instalment is tipped to be one of the most dynamic ever.

Containing 25 playable characters, you will be able to use the StreetPass feature to fight with AI controlled fighters. Make enough use of this function and you will be able to unlock prize character figurines as rewards.

The fast-paced and stylish gameplay which fans of the DEAD OR ALIVE series are accustomed to has been developed so players can intuitively perform complex fighting combinations with the Touch Screen, to create an exhilarating new DEAD OR ALIVE experience – all within a fully 3D rendered environment.

For more information, please visit: nintendo3ds.co.uk or http://teamninja-studio.com/doadimensions/eu/


KDR_11kMarch 25, 2011

NoE may have been the distributor for Koei for a while already. This 3€ copy of Dynasty Warriors Advance (a decent game ruined by the series' trademark godawful checkpointing) that I picked up included a Club Nintendo card and those are supposedly only given to games distributed by Nintendo itself.

EDIT: Turns out the game's quick save mechanism isn't a suspend save like other GBA games have, it's actually a PC-style quick save.

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