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NOA Is Here to Help!

by Michael Cole - December 20, 2004, 4:19 pm PST
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Nintendo of America touts its legendary customer service department.

Did You Know?

Santa Delegates to Nintendo's Consumer Service Department

Santa has a good gig. You'll notice that once he leaves his packages,

he doesn't stick around to help you figure out how to work or play all

your new gifts. Fortunately, Nintendo is here to help. During "Crunch

Week," the week between Christmas and the new year, the Consumer

Service Department at the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond,

Wash., receives an explosion of inquiries. Consumers can ask questions

about everything from details about cool new games like Metroid(R)

Prime 2 Echoes for Nintendo GameCube(TM) or Final Fantasy(R) I & II:

Dawn of Souls for Game Boy(R) Advance SP, to how to operate new

Nintendo game systems like the Nintendo DS(TM) they received for the


During an average week, Nintendo responds to about 37,500 phone calls,

7,500 e-mails and 500 letters. But during the last week of December,

the Consumer Service Department at Nintendo handles 90,000 inquiries.

Here are a few fun facts about the department:

-- As many large companies outsource their consumer-service jobs

overseas, Nintendo serves consumers via in-house game-play

counselors, consumer service representatives and online

staffers. The Consumer Service Department at Nintendo

increases its staff more than 60 percent during the peak of

the holiday season.

-- Consumers get responses from real-live game experts. Game-play

counselors have access to a vast library of information

regarding more than 3,300 video games for all Nintendo systems

at their fingertips.

-- Since the department began in 1985, Nintendo has helped more

than 78 million people by phone and more than 3.2 million

people through e-mail and letters.

Contact Nintendo Consumer Service at (800) 255-3700 or visit

www.nintendo.com. Representatives are available seven days a week, 6

a.m. to 7 p.m. (Pacific Time).


nickmitchDecember 20, 2004

I call "Crunch Week" "Kwanzaa."

I2o[G]uE^TacT-XDecember 20, 2004


Originally posted by: PGC NewsBot
-- Since the department began in 1985, Nintendo has helped more than 78 million people by phone and more than 3.2 million people through e-mail and letters.

That's not necessarily a good thing.

That's about 4.06 million calls/emails a year. Not bad for a company as big as Nintendo. Also consider the fact that 40% of those calls were probably 6-year-olds wondering where their mommy was.


PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorDecember 21, 2004

Heh, these are the same people that they used to have 900 numbers for back in the day. When I was little being a Nintendo Game Counselor was my dream job... =P

KulockDecember 21, 2004

Every experience I've had with Nintendo's Customer Service has been good. They're generally very intelligent, and very honest. Even via e-mail, the responses aren't just canned trite, but actualy feel like personalized responses to your specific question(s). They're really a rarity anymore.

VideoGamerJDecember 21, 2004

Boasting their support is completely acceptable in my opinion, I've had nothing but good support from them, whether it be my old GameCube which couldn't read disks anymore and was past warranty but still got repaired (actually, they sent me a new GameCube) or my GameBoy Advance SP which my friend dropped. I've had excellent support and have not had to pay a dime to get anything repaired from them, infact they say that I should expect my product returned in at least 2 days, or something like that, but I actually got it back in a day.

Where as Microsoft, my warranty is expired a month and my Xbox which I hardly use cannot read games, they tell me it will be an 80 dollar fee + shipping.

Felis Demens CCXXIDecember 21, 2004

Considering the fact that their products are better engineered than that other company whose new product is plagued with problems, their excellent tech support is a very pleasantly handy afterthought. face-icon-small-smile.gif

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