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Prize Team Trivia Friday at 9:30 CT

by Michael Cole - December 17, 2004, 12:08 am PST
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Couldn’t name that tune? You can’t draw a stick figure? Well, then, you better find a team mate for a chance to win a Metroid Prime 2: Echoes GameCube prize package tonight!

Last week we gave away a prize package for Radio Trivia, and we’re doing it again this week. Only this time it is Team Trivia, so we’re giving away TWO of them! Both members of the winning team will win

  • 1 Platinum GCN (U.S. Region)

  • 2 WaveBird controllers

  • 1 copy of Metroid Prime 2 Echoes (U.S. Region)

    The basic rules for Team Trivia remain unchanged, but be sure you are familiar with them before the event starts! There are some special changes due to the serious nature of the prize, however.

    1) The condition that a member of the winning team must earn a point to win his prize will be waived for this session, though bonus points for cooperation will still be in full effect.

    2) You can still compete without a teammate. However, to prevent someone from simply tagging along at the end to win a prize, a contestant may not join a team if he/she has any points.

    3) If a lone competitor wins the contest, the unclaimed prize will become a third place prize in our Happenin’ Holiday Card contest.

    If you don’t have a teammate ahead of time, come early to find one in the chatroom!

    Anyone (except PGC staff) may compete, regardless of age or location—unless you have won a prize from PGC in the last ninety (90) days worth more than $15.

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