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Our Pokemon Snap 2 Pitch From 1999

by Justin Nation and John Rairdin - April 16, 2021, 10:08 am EDT
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Yes really

Travel back with us to a dark time, before many of our modern conveniences. When people lived off the land, surviving off their own individual labors. Join us if you will, in 1999.

Back in the before time, Justin Nation wrote about what he'd like to see in the "Dolphin" version of Pokemon Snap. His pitch was ambitious then and it remains so today. So how close did Nintendo get?


Spak-SpangApril 17, 2021

Your pitch sounds exactly like my pitch after playing Pokemon Snap.  But my idea was basically Breath of the Wild Pokemon game with different jobs. 

1) Pokemon photographer
2) Pokemon Doctor
3) Pokemon Trainer
4) Pokemon Daycare Worker
5) Pokemon Beauty Pageant Contests
6) Team Rocket Member

Basically it was a Pokemon MMO with a truly living breathing world with Pokemon.  Different jobs interacted differently in that world.  People that didn't want to battle could play mini games and other such games as a Daycare worker and dedicate themselves to helping other players level up and completing their Pokédex faster as they can see more Pokemon faster.  Pokemon Doctors could travel around making money helping trainers on the road, but also find wild Pokemon and even trigger exclusive events were doctors can help legendary Pokemon.  This would be an alternative story mode.  Finally Pokemon photographer would take pictures, build a Pokédex and enter photo contests.  Their role in the game would be to document where to find legendary Pokemon and Pokemon with location and time stamps as well as solve puzzles on how to find Pokemon.

This was really cool. Great to see older content brought back when the time for it is right. Great predictions, Justin!

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