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Nintendo News Report: Earnings And A New President

by Alex Culafi, Zachary Miller, and Donald Theriault - April 26, 2018, 4:29 pm PDT
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#TeamDonatello looks well represented

Hey everyone! Tonight at roughly 10:15 Eastern it's a fully fiscal edition of Nintendo News Report. There might still be news breaking as Nintendo will have an investor's briefing right before showtime, but we'll definitely kick around the announcement of a new company president and the return of "Nintendo-like profits". Plus, if there's time, a Ninja Turtles throwdown.

Don't forget to grab the audio version of the show on iTunes (also, throw us a review and Alex will address it live), Google Play or in your podcatcher of choice!


MASBApril 28, 2018

Some thoughts on Nintendo's corporate structure:

Reggie wasn't promoted to CEO of NOA (the postion Iwata assumed in 2013). I can't find any reference to it when Kimishima or Furukawa took over, leading me to believe the position was eliminated and Reggie is now the top dog as President reporting directly to NCL's president rather than a CEO intermediary ala Kimishima, then Iwata.

Reggie isn't a Representatitive Director or even a Director. He was promoted to Executive Officer in 2016, the same time that Shibata and Ko Shiota were promoted to the same position. Both Shibata and Shiota have since been made Senior Executive Officers and Directors. However, Reggie is part of the board, but I'm not sure how the votes are weighed. The hierarchy seems to be representative director, director, executive officer.

As far as Shibata goes, it's definitely a promotion. He's basically the number 4 or 5 man at Nintendo now. He's taking over one of Furukawa's jobs as head of Global Marketing.

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