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First Looks at All Four Nintendo Game Seminar 2013 Games

by Daan Koopman - June 18, 2014, 9:50 pm PDT
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These weird but charming titles come together in this free package!

The special Nintendo Game Seminar 2013 Showcase application is now available on the Wii U eShop in Japan. This title allows you to enjoy games made by young Japanese developers, who worked under the guidance of Nintendo's employees. The games are hand picked by Takashi Tezuka, based on their originality and fun factor. I can confirm that he chose well and you will be able to see why in the four videos below!


azekeJune 18, 2014

Hopefully they will release these demos for us, bakas.
NoA should de the same with DigiPen Institute, considering they founded it. About time NST did something useful except for churning out Mario Lemmings games.

azekeJune 18, 2014

Sento Daichi
2d tower defence, okay i guess. But i've already seen at least one indie game with a  very similar mechanic of building defenses on 2d plane and then defending against zombie attack.

Poppo hunter
Great art style, great music and animated cutscenes. Really neat idea. Just sitting on a bench in a park throwing bread hoping for pigeon to come to you...

Shima Nagame
I don't get it.

Hissatsu Center
Great idea, sort of a mesh between Bomberman and Smash bros.

AdrockJune 19, 2014

Free, eh? You just said the magic word.

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