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Axiom Verge Developer: Wii U Port Coming Next Year, Need Help With 3DS

by Donald Theriault - June 21, 2015, 2:53 pm EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Destructoid

For once, you should read the comments even if it's not fully confirmed.

A year after Jonny Metts famously called out Reggie Fils-Amie about Axiom Verge, the Metroid homage may be coming to Wii U.

A comment posted on a Destructoid article about games similar to Metroid from Axiom Verge developer Thomas Happ states the game is coming to Wii U next year, and although they want to get the game on 3DS as well, hardware differences may prevent the project from happening.

"I can't commit to anything, but Axiom Verge will *probably* be available for Wii U in 2016. 3DS is quite a bit more difficult since the hardware is so completely different. Should Nintendo be reading this and decide to lend me a hand, that'd be VERY appreciated!!" - Thomas Happ


TOPHATANT123June 21, 2015

I thought this was never going to happen due to the engine being completely incompatible?

Not the biggest fan of Metroid-likes and it wasn't even on my radar until Dr Metts brought it up on RFN, however he gave it such glowing praise I would be unable to resist a Wii U version.

MythtendoJune 21, 2015

The engine is not incompatible with Wii U, it's just that neither Nintendo nor the engines creators had adapted it to work with Wii U (so a developer would either have to do it themselves or re-code it in another engine).

ejamerJune 21, 2015

By far the bet Metroid-related (or at least, inspired) news to come out of the past week.
At least someone understands what Metroid fans want... even if Axiom Verges makes a few missteps of it's own.

ShyGuyJune 22, 2015

In the meantime, get hyped for SOUL AXIOM!

motangJune 22, 2015

Great news, look forward to play this game on my gamepad!  :cool;

This is good news, but I'm still more interested in the Vita version.

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