March 30, 1999

Better Game List? Rumor

by Billy Berghammer - 8:35 pm PST
Source: Desmond Gaban

A rumored games list.

Desmond Gaban has updated his page with a new feature...a game list. You may want to see what he thinks is coming to the N2000. And so is better than mine by a long shot. Hey Desmond...want to do my game list? Heh! E-mail me! This is what he's got so far...Makes you want to drool doesn't it?


March 29, 1999

More Monday Rumors Rumor

by Billy Berghammer - 7:40 pm PST
Source: Magic Box

N2000 spec rumors!

Monday's can be good and bad. This is good. Magic Box has some good rumors floating around Japan on the Specs of the N2000.

Rumor: Some info about the Nintendo 2001 (the next Nintendo console) are circulating in Japan, the new system is said to use a custom 128-bit CPU running at 400 MHz, and... Read more...


by Billy Berghammer - 8:22 am PST
Source: FGN Online

The Arkansas legislature (figures) is considering an anti-games bill that could affect state arcades in a bad way.

Something to mull over your cheerios with. All I have to say is that this is the most disturbing thing in America that I have ever heard in my life, since people blaming murders on music. Thanks to FGN.

Arkansas State Legislature is considering a new bill outlawing the freedom to "knowingly... Read more...

March 28, 1999


by Billy Berghammer - 8:18 am PST
Source: OperationN2000

Nothing, Zilch.

Jeez...what a slow news weekend. There really hasn't been squat! I will be working a lot on the structure with this page. Besides obvious reasons ( news) I haven't had a whole lot of time lately to update. One news point...OperatioN2000 has been updated. Check it out :).


March 25, 1999

Dreamcast First Impressions

by Billy Berghammer - 6:38 pm PST

So what did Billy really think?

Well I am sure you have seen a quite a bit of Dreamcast coverage, but I finally had a chance to play with a Dreamcast first hand. So was I impressed? Sort of. It's funny. I remember the first time I played Mario 64 at a Blockbuster a while before the N64 was released. I just about soiled myself.... Read more...

March 24, 1999

Busy Fellahs

by Billy Berghammer - 11:00 pm PST
Source: OperatioN2000

Who's confirmed already for N2000 development?

The fine men over at OperatioN2000 have been rather busy. Seems to be a complete update. Also check out their Forum. Very nice! Also, Desmond has some sweet info about developers...

Confirmed Developers



Iguana Studios

Retro Studios

Factor 5


Looking Glass Studios


March 22, 1999

Interesting Sh** Rumor

by Billy Berghammer - 9:30 pm PST

Rumors, rumors, rumors...

Rumors. With this system there seems to be a lot of them. But this one is one of the better ones that I have heard as of yet. Desmond Gaban (former N64hq'er) has a site that lists a great rumor from a supposed friend of a friend of a....well you know. Factor 5 ring a bell at all?


Miyamoto Speaks again...

by Billy Berghammer - 9:10 pm PST
Source: IGN64

Second party news!

Ya ask for news...well here it is. IGN actually has two N2000 stories today. Not only do we learn that Koby Bryant's creators Left Field will be official second party developers for Nintendo of America, but The big M speaks to IGN64 at the Game Developers Conference.

As with Nintendo 64, legendary...

Thursday will be a BIG day!

by Billy Berghammer - 9:40 am PST

Big I tells ya...BIG!

If you are a Star Wars fan! Lucas Arts will be releasing screen shots of their new Star Ware Episode 1 game for the N64 (tentatively called Pod Racer). Plus they will be talking about the upcoming games to be released across the consoles. Could something be said about the N2000? We can only hope. The N64 game is supposed to hit store shelves in late May or early June.


I want the WHOLE speech

by Billy Berghammer - 9:35 am PST
Source: Nintendo

Yeah baby. Shiggy speaks!

Okay, okay! Nintendo put up the "official" transcript of Miyamoto's Keynote Speech up on their site. Thanks FGN.

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