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N2000 to launch with Samus?

by Billy Berghammer - March 19, 1999, 2:58 pm PST
Source: OperatioN2000's rumors

Justin's ranting again....look out!

Last night there was a story on IGN64 about Metroid 64 to be in the works, and the people were happy. Supposedly to be using the Zelda engine, and the people were very happy. But I hear today that the rumor is not true...for part of it. EAD supposedly has no N64 projects currently underway. So where does that leave Samus to appear. You guessed it. The N2000. Now here's the real rumor (from a credible source). Here's what they have to say over at OperatioN2000. I think Justin says it best....

Uh oh! All I can remember last night was being so incredibly annoyed with the fact that I did begin to think that Metroid would actually hit the N64 but now we do have a credible source (very much protected) who gives us the real dip... and if you haven't visited IGN64 since last night I think you'll notice a slight tip of the hat from them as well that this rumor here is very close to the real deal at a minimum. Now, Nintendo may be holding back to keep people from thinking they've forsaken the N64 but at this point all of my prayers are in this being true.

Why? Simple... if Nintendo has a Metroid title ready for launch they will prove once and for all that they are ready to play hard ball. Sure they'll have their kiddie-style Mario titles and more but to show dedication to the older hardcore market right off the bat I am hoping that this game will be a sign to everyone, Nintendo is out to win and they'll do what it takes to get there. I applaud Nintendo if they have the cajones to set up this plan and execute. Metroid is a classic Nintendo game that I still have fond memories of to this day. Now, put Samus in a real 3D environment and turn up the suspense a thousand notches and you could have a game that will shock the pants off of people. Sure, I'll take my Mario but load this puppy up, I'm ready to play hard!

Oh, and my only other comment... EAD had damned well better be working on a new Wave Race title. Looking at Wave Race's water effects still gives me chills and it is a freaking first-generation title folks! This is before they learned any tricks, before they got a hold of the 4 MB RAM Expansion, imagine what is possible on next-gen hardware! The tech demos of the water on that sucker alone would have people passing out from the utter coolness of it all. Sure I'd love to see 1080 2 but if Nintendo is on the look out for a jaw dropping demo advance the programming for those water effects about 6 years ahead and apply mind-numbing extra power to it and Nintendo had better provide Depends undergarments before people come in the door to see the unveiling of their new system.

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