September 22, 1999

Miyamoto on new Zelda, GBA/GC & More... GC

by Max Lake - 11:12 pm PDT
Source: CVG

When Shiggy speaks, we listen. CVG printed a transcript of the Miyamoto roundtable from Spaceworld...except messed up my question! Grrrr. Good news tho' inside!

Shigeru Miyamoto recently revealed that Luigi would be in Smash Brothers in a recent round table interview at Spaceworld 2001. Figuring we’d want to know more of what Shiggy had to say, one of our UK readers Chris Yates sent us a transcript. Here are a few choice quotes, regarding the new Zelda, no Mario at launch, GBA/GC connections and even more exciting news/views straight from Mr. Miyamoto himself. Check it out!


September 21, 1999

Can you say... Scam? GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 7:25 pm PDT

Some kids get a lawyer to file a Pokémon related gambling suit against Nintendo. Fun for the whole family.

My lord, this is ridiculous. You think Pokemon trading card is equal to Illegal gambling? Just like eating fun dip is equal to smoking one of those funny cigarettes. Hmm...well maybe a bad example.

Anyhoo...Check out this story about two kids actually filling a lawsuit against Nintendo.... Read more...

September 18, 1999

5 Launch Games From Retro Studios? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 9:35 am PDT
Source: IGN 64

Retro is rumored to be working on five launch titles for the Dolphin.

Someone give me a hell yeah! And did I mention one of those games is an RPG? Woah nellie, this is really nice weekend news. And this would have been up earlier but I worked 12 hours yesterday, and I needed sleep. IGN64 has the stuff.

IGN64 has learned that developer Retro Studios is currently... Read more...

September 17, 1999

Sony goes the wrong way

by Billy Berghammer - 10:01 pm PDT
Source: OperatioN2000

Sony gets a head start in the next-gen race... and accidentally leaves out a few things.

You think? It's uglier than the insides of a horses ass and it only has 2 controller ports! And Sony seemed to work real hard on their new controller. Yeah, I am not all that impressed with Sony's next generation to say the least. Well I am done bitching, but my good buddy Justin Nation from OperatioN2000 has a few words of his own. It's an excellent editorial called PS2: Heading in the Wrong Direction? Check it out here.


September 16, 1999

Art - X Chip Delay? GC

by Chris Wiser - 11:52 am PDT
Source: FGNonline

ArtX was going to show its chips at a tech event, but had to cancel due to falling behind schedule a bit.

We are not quite sure if this is from the rumor mill or not, but FGN Online has reported that Art-X has pulled out of the Microprocessor Forum where they were supposed to show their chip. Damn! Well here's the word.

The chipmaker was scheduled to reveal the technology on October 6, but has now had to mysteriously pull out of the event. Rumors are suggesting that Nintendo may have had something to do with the retraction.


September 14, 1999

This is pretty twisted.

by Billy Berghammer - 8:26 pm PDT
Source: Gaming-Age

A little anecdote from a guy who worked for Sega in Japan.

And I am not kidding. You think you have a crappy job? This is pretty sick. How would you like to work for Sega in Japan? Then read this story over at Gaming-Age. You will think about it again. Here's a little excerpt if you think I am just nuts.

On a cold and rainy Monday last December,...

September 13, 1999

PSX2 Unveiled

by Kevin Ries - 7:03 pm PDT
Source: The GIA

Come on... witness the horror...

The CarXMan is in full effect with hookin' me up with the story. It's basically all over the net, but CarX sent me a link to the Gaming Intelligence Agency's story. Remember...this means since Sony has showed their cards....Nintendo is next. :) Well here's what Sony's next system has to offer. Note: it will only have 2 controller ports. Dumbasses! you go...


September 9, 1999

The N64 HQ still exists? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 9:46 pm PDT
Source: N2000 HQ

What do you do when the release date is more than a year off and you are starved for info? Get creative...

Not even close. But these people did seem to rip off quite a few things from...well...a bunch of people. Man, they even stole graphics. A cool HQ tribute site to say the least. I noticed their link on the N2000HQ. Well check it out for yourself. What do you think of the N200X mock up they have? Looks cool!


September 8, 1999

I'm hanging with Sable tonight

by Billy Berghammer - 9:44 am PDT

Getting ready for the Dreamcast launch.

Believe it or not, but the radio station that I currently work for is one of the stations that Sega picked to use for their Midnight Madness sale. And Rena Mero....better known as Sable will be at our launch, as well as two Minnesota Vikings. (I am a huge Packers this should be interesting).... Read more...

News from ECTS GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 9:31 am PDT
Source: FGN Online

A few Dolphin bits from Miyamoto.

Not a lot of news but at least Miyamoto is talking a bit! Here are a few bit's from Fastest Game News Online concerning the Dolphin. Are you concerned? Not me :)

The legendary creator of Mario was only available for select interviews during the show. In talks he discussed the nature of future gaming and his contribution to it, taking care to stress the importance of low-cost gaming.

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