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Nintendo DS E3 game list

by Ty Shughart - May 11, 2004, 5:09 pm PDT
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Here's the big list of Nintendo DS games from Nintendo's press kit. Big surprises inside!

Here's the big fat list of DS games from Nintendo's press kit. Not only has Nintendo shown some great-looking DS titles, but there are some big names in the 3rd party lists, too.


These are Nintendo's own titles that we saw at the press conference, and that we'll be getting impressions of from the show tomorrow.

  • Metroid Prime: Hunters: This is a FPS deathmatch game that uses touch screen to rotate the camera, aim, fire, and morph into a ball. It looks just like Metroid on the GameCube!

  • Super Mario 64x4: We saw Mario, Wario, Luigi and Yoshi flying around the opening area of Super Mario 64. The top screen showed a camera view of the players, and the bottom showed a map.

  • PictoChat: This is a 16-user sketch and messaging program. This could be awesome for Hangman or an iSketch-like game, or spouting "OMG LOL."

  • WarioWare, Inc. DS: We saw a few minigames based on using the stylus for things like rotating objects, cutting ropes, and scratching Wario's back.

Nintendo Tech Demos

These aren't games, just examples of what the DS can do. We should be able to fiddle with these at the show, too.

  • Balloon Trip: Players can place clouds to guide a falling Baby Mario by using the touch-screen.

  • Carving: Players can spin a piece of wood, steel or watermelon and carve away at it by using the stylus.

  • Mario's Face: Get all up in Mario's face with this demonstration of the 3D abilities of the DS.

  • DS Pikachu: This demonstrates moving the 3D view from screen to screen and interacting with Pikachu by using the stylus.

  • Special Effects: Create trails of water, fire, and other effects. Use one screen as a beatbox while using the other as sound visualization. Slide boxes around to distort a geometric shape on the secondary screen.

  • Submarine: One screen shows the position of the sub while the other put players at the helm.

  • Table Hockey: Use the stylus to hit the puck around at different speeds.

Video demos:

Hot, hot press conference video showed these in action.

  • Mario Kart DS: We saw the Mario Kart crew on a course from Double Dash, with the main screen on the top and a map and rankings on the bottom screen.

  • Animal Crossing DS: Wandering town on the top screen while editing textures or typing letters on the bottom makes it look like Animal Crossing was meant just for the DS.

  • NEW Super Mario Bros.: We saw awesome 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, and out-of-control consumption of super mushrooms.

  • Nintendogs: We saw a 3D dog for a few seconds and a kid laughing at it. A virtual pet game, maybe?

3rd party games on display

These should be floating around the show tomorrow.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (Bandai): This game will use the top screen as radar and a battle on the bottom. The stylus can be used to lock onto enemies.

  • Bomberman (Hudson): This game uses the stylus to control the action, as well as to 'scratch' off ghosts that haunt the player on the other screen.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour (Konami): Use the touch screen to handle the cards while the 3D battle plays out on the top screen.

  • Pac-Pix (Namco): Draw walls with the stylus to guide Pac-Man.

  • Pac'n Roll (Namco): Use the touch-screen to guide Pac-Man through a full 3D world.

  • Sonic E3 Demo (Sega): Camera angles can be changed with the touch-screen, and another part of the game allows players to control Sonic directly with the touch screen.

  • Egg Monster Heroes (Square): Players can touch monsters' bodies on screen to select specific weak points, apparently.

    Other 3rd party games in development

    These are in development, and that's about all we know.

    • Activision: Spider-Man 2

    • Atari: undetermined title

    • Bandai: One Piece, other titles

    • Banpresto: Dragonball Z

    • Capcom: Megaman Battle Network, Viewtiful Joe, Gyakuten Saiban

    • EA: Need for Speed

    • FromSoftware: several undetermined titles

    • Hudson: several undetermined titles

    • Koei: Dynasty Warriors

    • Konami: Frogger 2005

    • Majesco: undetermined title

    • Namco: Mr. Driller, new RPG

    • Sega: Project Rub

    • Square Enix: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Dragon Quest Monsters

    • Tecmo: Monster Rancher, undetermined title by Team Ninja

    • THQ: SpongeBob SquarePants

    • Ubisoft: Rayman

    • Vivendi: undetermined title

  • Talkback

    LousySpyMay 11, 2004

    I notice a lot of "use the stylus/touch-screen" in there. Hopefully we won't have to switch back and forth between using the stylus and buttons too much as it would get to be a hassle. Also, I can't quite tell from the images I've seen, but I hope the stylus is attached to the DS somehow so it doesn't get dropped or lost when switching between it and the buttons.

    ruby_onixMay 11, 2004


    Ty says: Viewtiful Joe! Oh snap! And maybe a virtual girlfriend game from Team Ninja, or something, who knows?

    Touch screen! Touch screen!

    Aw damn. We know Nintendo ain't gonna allow one of those kinds of games.

    *glares at Nintendo*

    Perfect CellMay 11, 2004

    Touch Screen for Metroid Prime hunters? That sounds weird... but if its done right... then its a killer app for launch... I hope its got a good single player story and connects to Echoes.

    mouse_clickerMay 11, 2004


    Aw damn. We know Nintendo ain't gonna allow one of those kinds of games.

    Considering the Gamecube version of BMX XXX was the only one that wasn't censored, I don't think Nintendo would have a problem with even that. face-icon-small-tongue.gif

    Myxtika1 AznMay 11, 2004

    I thought the xbox version wasn't censored either.

    I was really excited when I heard that the DS will have its own Metroid game. Now that I know that it's a deathmatch type game, it has moved down my must get list....

    nickmitchMay 11, 2004

    Holy Sh!t!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm officially PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bill AurionMay 11, 2004

    I'm happy for the Squenix support, even though I don't really like most of their games...

    Koopa TroopaMay 11, 2004

    Yeah, but they better give us more than FF:CC and DQMonsters. If they brought the original FFT to DS I'd be a happy man. I'd really like to see soemtihng new, though, maybe a new Tactics game... Dragon Quest Tactics face-icon-small-happy.gif

    I've never purchased a hand-held before... Except GBA, but that was just for connectivity (I knew I'd be able to play the games on GBP), but I'm really interested in NDS, I'm really thinking about getting one. Does anyone know if it has a battery similar to the GBA-SP?

    KDR_11kMay 11, 2004

    No mention of Miyamoto saying he was envious of Pac-Pix?

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