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Honey, I'm home!

by Billy Berghammer - September 16, 2001, 2:02 pm EDT

Louie trashed the place, and theirs s--t all over my keyboard. Not too surprising. Made it home safe, and now I'm Gleaming the Cube!

Damn, it's good to be back, and safely I might add. Special thanks to Northwest Airlines for getting me back in one piece. Also special thanks to customs for letting me get through quickly...and free. Word. Security was pretty tight, and people were rather tense. I think that's rather understandable. The security lady laughed at all the video game crap I brought back. "So you like the video games?", she asked in broken english. Ummm. Well, I have this little habit you see....

Anyhoo, Louie's happy as hell I'm home...yet he's seriously pissed. Well that was until I fired up the Cube and took to the couch. All I have to say is this...it's damn good to be home.

One thing to note now that I have this hooked up in surround. This sounds so good you'll cry. All three games sound excellent...Luigi's Mansion especially. I have a feeling the neighbors are fully aware that I'm back. CALL TEH COPZ!

I'm not planning on doing much today. Didn't sleep on the plane, and I'm a bit tired. I'm definitely going to play the hell out of my GameCube. I'll have plenty more updates coming later today, or early tomorrow. Rest will be good. As well as a real pizza. Louie's down for some major chill action...and frankly so am I.


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