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The Eagle has Landed!

by Rick Powers - September 13, 2001, 7:26 pm EDT

Billy is cold, wet and tired ... but he's got the CUBE!

Billy's back to the hotel, too exhausted to enjoy it, but he's got his GameCube. He took a few minutes to chat, and then he went to bed.

He wants to thank everyone for their support. You fans made one of his dreams come true, and he's very appreciative.

He's sent some pix which I've lovingly posted for all to see. Enjoy!

It's cold and wet, but soon, these will be MINE

The GameCube kiosk, running Luigi's Mansion

The controller instructions on the kiosk

Oooh ... nirvana ...

Billy in possession of the coolest console ever

Heaven ... I'm in heaven ...

One of those Controllers is Rick's. :)

By the way, when you travel to another country and look like a freak, you tend to get a lot of THESE pointed at you ...

They aren't laughing WITH you, Billy.

Also, GameSpot is covering the launch, and has a pic with Billy ... third in line! (Actually second, one of the other two was just hanging out.)

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