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Donkey Kong will be at E3

by Max Lake - May 6, 2001, 9:24 pm EDT
Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

Nintendo's original mascot character, D.Kong will be making an E3 appearence.

Although there have been whispers of a Donkey Kong game for GameCube before, it seems that the big ape may be making some kind of appearance at E3. At least, that’s what he latest Rolling Stone magazine revealed in an interview with Perrin Kaplan.

Kaplan, Nintendo's vice president of corporate affairs, confirmed that a Donkey Kong game would be at E3, as well as some games featuring Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda. Perrin also confirmed that some M-rated games would be on hand for the show (Silicon Knights anyone?) to prove that Nintendo is taking the needs of its adult audience seriously.

This is definitely some good news for fans of the series—let’s just hope that whatever form Donkey Kong’s next adventure takes, that it’s better than the tiresome DK64. Will this be the first appearance of DK GC or is it a GBA game? Looks like we’ll be able to find out for ourselves very soon!

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