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Hyrule Warriors Legends To Support Wolf Link Amiibo

by Donald Theriault - January 21, 2016, 7:20 am PST
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Europe is also getting hardware, and we know the amiibo dungeon's name

The Wolf Link amiibo will work in more than just Wii U Zelda games.

Nintendo sent out a press release confirming new information about amiibo today, and it confirmed that Wolf Link will not only work in Twilight Princess HD and Zelda Wii U (still slated for 2016 on Wii U), but it would work in Hyrule Warriors Legends as well. Weapons for Midna will be unlocked in a fashion similar to using Link or Ganondorf amiibo.

A new trailer was released for Twilight Princess HD, confirming the name of the amiibo unlock dungeon as the Cave of Shadows. The trailer can be seen below:

Europe will be receiving Hyrule Warriors Legends on 24 March, and a Hyrule Edition New 3DSXL will launch on the same day. The look is similar to the unit launched last October in North America.

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