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Swords and Soldiers II in Development for over Two Years, Ronimo Prefers the Wii U

by Daan Koopman - March 23, 2014, 9:16 pm EDT
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Ronimo Games makes some interesting comments regarding the Wii U.

Ronimo Games, the developers behind Swords and Soldiers II, revealed a bunch of things in the video interview we posted yesterday on this website.

In discussion with Joost and Thomas of the company, some interesting topics were mentioned during the course of our session. On why they came back to Nintendo systems, Joost said the following: ''Well, there was a new Nintendo platform coming. We started this project over two years ago and well before the launch of the Wii U. We got early devkits from Nintendo and we thought it was really great. We wanted to do something with it and well, Swords and Soldiers is five years old now. We really felt like coming back to it. It is a great game, it is a great franchise and we wanted to do new things with it. Take it in a new directions.''

Thomas added: ''Also, with the Wii U, you have the new controller. So you have the possibilites to have touch gameplay on there and we really make use of that in this Swords & Soldiers sequel as well.''

On their relationship with Nintendo, Joost collected his thoughts and said: ''Nintendo is really good to work with of course. They are really enthusiastic about the game, so we hope that they give it a nice spot in the eShop and do some marketing for us. Their tech support is really good. If we have questions, we always get answers at the end of the day.''

He is not done however, as he moves on to the Wii U in broad terms: ''In general, we love the new controller. The other new consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, from our perspective they are just mostly the same thing as before but much faster. While Wii U has something new, this controller with the screen on it and it has touch and all these things that really weren't there yet.''

Swords & Soldiers II is currently scheduled for an Autumn release on the Nintendo eShop. You can find the full video interview below!

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