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Best Buy Taking Part in Wii U Basic Returns

by Justin Baker - June 8, 2013, 9:48 pm PDT
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At least the Wii U Basic sets from GameStop won't be lonely...

Best Buy is joining GameStop in returning their new stock of Wii U Basic units.

A member of our community recently sent in an internal Best Buy document stating that the store "should pull all new in box units and send them back," under a section saying that they are "to be returned via Sendback."

Best Buy will be sending back stock on June 10 - 11, a week ahead of GameStop. According to Nintendo, the returns are part of a stock "rebalance." The Best Buy notice further notes that there should be "more Wii U Deluxe units arriving in the coming weeks."



AnGerJune 09, 2013

Yeah, they are totally not about to pull the Basic model off the market.  ???

Pixelated PixiesJune 09, 2013

Beyond the fact that the Basic bundle seems to be being pulled from shelves, I'm still a little uncertain about what this portends. Is it just that the Basic bundle wasn't shifting enough units, or is it that there will be no need for a Basic bundle any longer because Nintendo intend to drop the price of the Deluxe?

As I've said before, If ever I decided to purchase a Wii U it was always my intent to get the Basics bundle because the reduced price point is more important to me that than the additions that the Deluxe package offers. If, however, Nintendo were able to find a way to offer the Deluxe at a similar price point to that of the Basic, perhaps inflating that price again with a pack in game, then I think that would be pretty enticing.

NeoThunderJune 09, 2013

Maybe so they can release a 64 gig this holiday season

NeoThunderJune 09, 2013

Could make sense after E3 why this is happening

smallsharkbigbiteJune 09, 2013

It makes sense now.  The deluxe sold much better than the basic.  It's assumed a $50 price drop will hit this holidays with the soft relaunch of the Wii U.  The Deluxe will be at $300 and be the only model.  Both Xbox 1 and PS4 will only have one SKU so Wii U will just consolidate.  They are going to have a white deluxe model coming so why not just add the 32 gig hd and Nintendoland to the package rather than let them sit on the shelves. 

A 64 gig is still not big enough to make a difference and doesn't look any less inferior to the 500 gig the competition is offering.  They built the Wii U too small for a hard drive, so they might as well just ride out the 32 gig hard drive with USB expansion ability. 

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