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3DS Data Transfer Tool Coming to Japan in March

by Danny Bivens - January 25, 2013, 4:09 am EST
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Nintendogs + Cats, Fire Emblem: Awakening and more also coming to the eShop as digital releases!

The Nintendo 3DS save data transfer tool, a program that will enable 3DS owners to move save data from cartridges to the digital versions, is set to be released in Japan this March, Nintendo president revealed in a video update on Friday evening (January 25) on the 3DS eShop in Japan. No additional details were given about the transfer tool software.

On January 30, Culdcept, Pocket Soccer League Calcio Bit, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokémon Rumble Blast and Nintendogs + Cats (all three versions) will be added as digital titles, bringing the total of Nintendo 3DS retail titles to 46 on the eShop by the end of the month. There is currently no word when the transfer tool or these titles will come to the eShop outside of Japan.


RazorkidJanuary 25, 2013

Eagerly awaiting this before repurchasing choice titles from my library that I still want to play and have on my system always (MK7 & RE:Mercs3D).  I really hope Capcom releases MH3  digitally day and date with retail for 3DS because I refuse to purchase a physical version of a game I'm gonna play for a very long time, but not exclusively.

It would also be nice if it allowed digital saves to be moved to hard copies of a games.

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