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Club Nintendo Japan Polo Shirt—AKA the Reward You'll Never Get

by Danny Bivens - May 24, 2012, 11:08 am EDT
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Gamers in Japan get all the cool stuff. 

In early April, I reported on a really cool gift Club Nintendo members in Japan had a chance to snag: customizable, Nintendo-themed polo shirts. For 550 points, not only would you get a limited Club NIntendo shirt, you would actually get to semi-design the thing! Eight colors were available: black, navy blue, red, yellow, green, light blue, pink, and white. After choosing your color, you could choose from one of six Nintendo emblems. These included Rover from Animal Crossing, Mr. Game & Watch, Donkey Kong, the Triforce, three heart pieces from The Legend of Zelda, and a fire flower.

After forking over my 550 points, I went ahead and designed my own shirt early last month shortly after the special gift was announced. At the time, I was forewarned I would have to wait nearly two months before I would receive my creation. With this being one of the most useful and coolest prizes I’ve ever come across on Club Nintendo, I didn’t mind waiting a little bit of extra time. With all the different design choices, I found it hard to choose from among all of the colors and emblems. After about an hour of internal debate, I settled on a design and color and then ended up forgetting about it for over a month.

When I saw a slip from the post office after returning home from work today, I quickly remembered my previous order and got excited. Since it had been so long since I had placed my order, I had forgotten which color and design I chose (Club Nintendo Japan lists that I ordered the shirt, but was short any of the details). This was almost like getting a Christmast present early, and with E3 just around the corner, that’s exactly what it felt like. Check out the pictures below (please excuse the lighting in my apartment) to see my Club Nintendo Polo Shirt.

Package get

Shots of my shirt

While Club Nintendo in the other regions across the globe has stepped it up in recent years, sometimes there is just no comparing to the kind of rewards made available in Japan. It’s a pity stuff like this hardly ever makes appearances outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. However, if it did, what color and emblem would you choose? Check out some of the color and emblem combinations in the gallery below and let me know what you think in the comments.



Chocobo_RiderMay 24, 2012

Wow, that's really awesome.  I bet it would take me a long time to decide my favorite design too.  Very cool of Nintendo to provide these kind of rewards for (essentially) free.

It's OK that the Japanese CN gets more stuff, Nintendo is a Japanese company!  I'm quite pleased with all the awesome items available in my area.  *snuggles 3DS game case*

ToraMay 24, 2012

As long as NoA keeps updating the rewards I'm fine.  The Club Nintendo messenger bag is what I carry my Laptop and my DSi lite in.  I used there desk calender last year, the one they give to people who reach the gold status.   

@NinsageDo You have a 3DS?

AVMay 24, 2012

Quote from: NinSage

It's OK that the Japanese CN gets more stuff, Nintendo is a Japanese company! 


Mop it upMay 24, 2012

Quote from: Mr.


That doesn't change the fact that Nintendo focus on Japan more than any other region. Personally, I'd rather accept that than wish for things that will never leave Japan.

StrawHousePigMay 24, 2012

>:( STFU Daniel-san! AKA: Waaaaaah! :'(

But seriously, I'll stick to my first want for 3 hearts on green, plz.

broodwarsMay 25, 2012

The only thing I have to say to this is that North America is Nintendo's biggest and generally most profitable region.  Perhaps sometimes the issue of keeping the flow of games going to NA is beyond their control, but they could at least treat us better when it comes to Club Nintendo.  We probably bring them the most money, and we get the least cool stuff on the service.  Meanwhile, relatively speaking Japan is a dying market and it gets the best stuff by far.  I think that disparity could stand to be closed a bit.

I think the fact that Japan is smaller, both physically and in terms of population, is actually a plus in Nintendo's book when it comes to Club Nintendo. It lowers costs.

Chocobo_RiderMay 27, 2012

Quote from: Tora

@NinsageDo You have a 3DS?

Why yes I do.  Why do you ask?

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