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Setting the Odds on Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Nintendo Platforms

by Neal Ronaghan - May 2, 2012, 9:21 am PDT
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Now the game is officially revealed, let's go over the likelihood of the latest Call of Duty game coming to 3DS, Wii U, Wii, and DS.

While there has been a Call of Duty game on a Nintendo system every year since 2004, the series isn't known for being on Nintendo platforms. Regardless, n-Space has made a new Call of Duty game for DS every year since 2007, and Treyarch has done a great job porting over Wii versions of most of the other iterations of the game.

We know that Black Ops II will jump between the near future and the 1980s, and is developed by Treyarch (and probably some combination of other Activision-owned developers). What we don't know is if it will be on a Nintendo system. Remember, last year we didn't know Modern Warfare 3 was coming to Wii until E3 2011. And even that was from a peripheral maker and not Activision.

Wii U - 75%
Why? There is a possibility that Black Ops II will hit Wii U, but, at first blush, I didn't think it was very high. Activision was very timid about stepping into the 3DS last year, with their only major release being Skylanders on 3DS. They might be more aggressive with the Wii U because it is a home console, but the install base won't be that large and the system will likely launch after Black Ops II comes out.

However, some of the details on the Black Ops II single-player make it seem perfect for the Wii U. Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann described a Strike Force mission from the new game: "But you can also pop out of that soldier and get above the battle in 'overwatch' mode. From above, you can order your forces around the map like a mini-RTS or pop into any unit to take direct control. This means you can directly control quadcopters, assault drones, and other non-human units."

That mini-RTS concept could easily translate to the Wii U controller.

3DS - 70%
Why? I had this higher, but cut it down drastically when n-Space recently said they aren't working on a first-person shooter for 3DS. However, that is a careful choice of words. Maybe n-Space is making a third-person shooter Call of Duty game in a similar vein as their Star Wars Battlefront DS game or Blood Stone 007 DS game.

Wii - 90%
Why? I think it's damn likely that Treyarch ports a decent version of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version like they do every year. Let's face it: Call of Duty sells well, even on Wii.

DS - 25%
Why? After five years of Call of Duty games on the system in a row, I think now is the year we stop seeing the series on DS. It had a good run.


Chozo GhostMay 02, 2012

I think of all the Nintendo systems the Wii U will be the most likely to see it. I'd put that at 99% likely. One main reason why I say that is because the Wii U has the same architecture as the 360, so porting it over should be a breeze. Now, they might not utilize the touch screen or other innovative features of the Wii U, but they don't really need to.

Actually, there's a decent chance it could come to ALL Nintendo systems. I mainly just want it to be on the Wii U and 3DS, though. As long as its just on those two systems I'll be satisfied. I personally don't care if it comes to the Wii or DS, but it would be nice if it does for those who only have those systems, although they won't get the same quality experience as they would on the Wii U or 3DS. But porting it to the Wii/DS probably makes sense for Treyarch and Activision because that will certainly be profitable in any case.

CericMay 02, 2012

This reminds me how much I want a Battalion Wars game as a launch title.

EnnerMay 02, 2012

It would be a nice surprise if Black Ops 2 on Wii U starts off the Nintendo E3 2012 press conference or the Wii U portion of the press conference.

I was ready to write off Black Ops 2 until it was revealed yesterday that its single player story will feature branching paths, Strike Force missions, and multiple endings. Also, the bot match mode titled Combat Training will be returning as well. I'm very pleased that Treyarch is adding more meat to the Call of Duty single player experience rather than leave it be a short-lived energy drink.

I started this article before the reveal last night with zero interest in the actual game.

After that trailer and the ensuing impressions, I'm actually looking forward to seeing more about a Call of Duty for the first time in forever.

ShyGuyMay 02, 2012

My payout from NWR for CodBlops Duece on the Developer's System is 4 to 1! I'd be crazy NOT to take that bet!

Looks like the Wii version is almost 100%... http://community.callofduty.com/community/call_of_duty/english/black_ops_2/forums/wii

powerclaw1May 02, 2012

...Huh? Oh, it's Call of Duty. AGAIN.

house3136May 02, 2012

I’m already annoyed with this game. I was watching a playlist on YouTube yesterday and I saw the 30-second advertisement, that you can’t skip past, at least ten times; some of them played twice consecutively because the end of video advertisement ran directly into the beginning of the next video advertisement. Is there any reasoning behind bombarding advertisements for a game that won’t be released for nearly 7 months? I understand the game will blindly sell 20 million+ copies; but does that actually warrant advertising a half- year before its release? “We’re Activision; we don’t care about innovation or new titles because you’ll indiscriminately purchase the same thing over and over again” (contrived corporate smile). Ironically, this is the same passive attitude that concerns me about the third (and most likely fourth) direct iteration of a “New” Super Mario Bros. title that’s based on games from 20+ years ago. Yeah, it’ll sell well, but if it doesn’t compel a purchase based on modernization, then it’s just hyping a rehash.

From a PR/Marketing standpoint: They're bombarding now so all the people who buy it are aware that it is announced and exists. It'll probably go back down for a while and surge at events like E3.

From a "don't be so short-sighted" standpoint: I think this game actually looks relatively fresh compared to past Call of Duty games. They are doing new things with this game.

Is it ground-breaking? Probably not, but at least it's going somewhere new-ish.

Chozo GhostMay 02, 2012

Quote from: Enner

I was ready to write off Black Ops 2 until it was revealed yesterday that its single player story will feature branching paths, Strike Force missions, and multiple endings. Also, the bot match mode titled Combat Training will be returning as well. I'm very pleased that Treyarch is adding more meat to the Call of Duty single player experience rather than leave it be a short-lived energy drink.

Treyarch has always done an excellent job in the single player experience of the COD games that they've made. The COD games from Infinity Ward have a more generic and forgettable single player experience. I wouldn't say they are bad though, just generic. But the Treyarch games have always blown my mind in terms of how much action and plot twists they pack into it. Playing their games has always been a very awesome experience.

The multiple story endings is something I didn't expect, but it has a lot potential to be awesome. As it is most people play the single player once and that's it and then just go to multiplayer or co-op, but with multiple endigns you have a real reason to go back and play again and again to try out all the different endings. Then again, you could also just cheat and watch all the endings on youtube, but if you're going to do that then you aren't really even a gamer. :)

EnnerMay 03, 2012

I'm not as taken by the Black Ops story as you are, but enjoyed playing through it. I have never played through Big Red One or Call of Duty 3 and I have only played World At War through coop, but I have heard that those stories have their fans.

As for Infinity Ward, I still think Stalingrad in Call of Duty 1 and Pointe du Hoc in Call of Duty 2 are amazing sequences to play through. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's story mode is great enough for me to play it through multiple times; just have to get over the infinite spawns. It is unfair to call the previously mentioned generic when they succeed in providing a mile-a-minute thrill ride as well as tense moments (e.g. the flashback missions of Modern Warfare). Such success is hardly ever emulated well by other shooters (at least the bunch I've played). While they had their moments, it is a shame that Modern Warfare 2's and Modern Warfare 3's story modes devolved in to just being a mile-a-minute thrill ride. It was nice to pick up guns with attachments though.

The one shooter campaign that trumps all is still the one in the expansion pack for the first Call of Duty, United Offensive. The developer for that was folded in to Treyarch. Hope Treyarch does their best in unseating United Offensive!

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