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Nintendo World Report: Powered Off - Issue 2

by Nate Andrews, Danny Bivens, Nicholas Bray, Andrew Brown, Alex Culafi, James Jones, Zack Kaplan, Jon Lindemann, Tom Malina, Zachary Miller, Daniel Mousseau, Tyler Ohlew, Neal Ronaghan, Jeff Shirley, Scott Thompson, and David Trammell - January 25, 2013, 4:25 pm EST
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Our second issue brings some cool exclusive articles. Come check them out! 

Download Nintendo World Report: Powered Off Issue 2.

Issue #2 of Powered Off features a bunch of cool things. James Jones kicks it off with an article about the soul-crushing games he endured as a child. We also take a look at the NWR staff’s top 10 games of 2012, and in the review section we feature four games that received 10/10 scores. On top of that, we have a cool comic from Andrew Brown, along with everyone’s favorite performer, Rapmaster J, dropping in to school us all on how he approaches the infamous Pokérap.

We still need letters and fan art submissions, so please consider sending your mail to: poweredoff@nintendoworldreport.com. The letters section will be run and answered by Eurocast favorite Karlie Yeung!

Thanks for reading!


lukas85January 27, 2013

amazing guys, a lot of content and cool page design, im gonna read it tonight. You have to promote it more its not getting the atention it deserves.

Thanks :)

I'm not really sure what else we could do though, its already featured pretty well on the main page.

Main thing I'd like to add next issue though is the Mailbag. We need mail :)

Thunderbird StarkillerJanuary 28, 2013

Maybe if they mentioned it more often in the podcast(s)?

This is great though! It would be awesome to be able to subscribe and just get it emailed to me :)

azekeJanuary 29, 2013

Finally got to read it. Great work.

There is a word or two missing at the end of page 30 though.

EDIT: The cutoff text has been corrected now.

Oh damn, thanks for pointing it out though. I try to make sure that doesn't happen as I am putting the pages together, something must of been bumped slightly somewhere near the end before export :S.

I'm not sure about a subscription model, its something I will think about though.

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