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Nintendo World Report: Powered Off - Issue 4

by Nate Andrews, Justin Berube, Nicholas Bray, Andrew Brown, Rory Cocker, Michael Cole, Alex Culafi, Pedro Hernandez, James Jones, Zack Kaplan, Jonathan Metts, Zachary Miller, Daniel Mousseau, Neal Ronaghan, and Guillaume Veillette - March 31, 2013, 2:50 pm EDT
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PAX, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, a larger font, and more in this issue!

Download Nintendo World Report: Powered Off Issue 4

This is a pretty packed issue! To kick it off, we have a great exclusive article from James Jones, which elaborates on a discussion point from the RFN PAX East panel. Speaking of PAX, included inside we also have a two-page photo gallery showing what the NWR crew got up to over the event.

That's not all though: If I Were in Charge of Zelda continues with Andrew Brown discussing his thoughts on making Link female, Jonathan Metts discusses the future of Metroid, and to wrap things up we have a Nintendo history lesson with Donkey Kong Vs. King Kong.

All that and more is included for this month, so check it out! We have also enlarged the font size slightly, making it even easier to read.

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lukas85March 31, 2013

downloading right now! :cool;

noctowlApril 01, 2013

Female link? Lol. Terrible idea.

LudicrousDa3veApril 01, 2013

This is the first time I've read one of these; it was really well done. Looking forward to going back and reading the previous issues.

azekeApril 02, 2013

Thanks for all the work!

One small note: a few old features (like Metroid one) probably should have been dated to give them context.

Yeah adding publication dates is something I've been thinking about. I'll probably add a date next to the bylines for every article going forward.

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