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Nintendo Gaming / RE:Argh, Japan is getting Mario Kart at launch too...
« on: November 04, 2004, 12:22:20 PM »
Ian Sane:  You know I think your right on that.  Nintendo knows how to design gameplay and then wrap a world around that gameplay that just fits.

Too often you see developers do really stupid things with their games that hurt the design.

Banjo Kazooie failed because it gave you a limited amount a moves and you had to earn new moves.  This allowed the design team to make you revisit levels after earning new moves and force you to play levels over and over again.

Donkey Kong 64:  Too many characters to have to play through, and they weren't very different.  I don't want to play each level 6 times collecting special things for me to go further.  Bad design.

Also, Super Mario 64, was a collection game, but to collect each Star you had to master either a puzzle or a mini game.  Others collecting was just going through the levels.  Mario made each Star a special objective.

Last, Nintendo is the master of levels.  Instead of foolishly designing one giant world to explore, Nintendo made its levels more objective oriented and designed them only to the size they need to be to include all the objectives.  Its smart design, that didn't include wasted space, or over used elements.

Nintendo actually failed in this smart design in Super Mario Sunshine by making you collect too many items.  Blue coins, red coins and regular coins to get stars.  It was too much and hurt the game.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Argh, Japan is getting Mario Kart at launch too...
« on: November 04, 2004, 09:05:12 AM »

You know I have played many, many 3D platformers since Mario 64.  Even Mario Sunshine its successor, and none of them I believe captured the feel and the excitement and the gameplay balance Mario 64 was able to create.  Super Mario Sunshine did 2 things better though.  They added that slide to the wall jump to make it easier and much more enjoyable to do, and also added those challenge stages without the jetpack.  

Super Mario 64 may not have as advanced and varied goals anymore like some of the 3D platforming games give you, but unlike those other games, Mario 64 somehow created a game and a world that is just fun to run around in.  I don't know how Nintendo succeeded in that, and other games fail so easily, but its true.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Kirby DS
« on: November 04, 2004, 08:07:53 AM »
Hal doesn't have to give Kirby all the Kirby powers.  Kirby has been in several types of games, and some of them have limited his powers to very basics needed for that game.  

I am excited about this game, and just how it could create an awesome new way to play platformers.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Argh, Japan is getting Mario Kart at launch too...
« on: November 04, 2004, 06:43:54 AM »
I normally don't like ports either.  They really have to offer my something I desire.

The ports I bought were:

Super Mario World 2
Link to the Past
SUper Mario Brothers 3

and now I will buy Super Mario 64 DS.

The reason I bought those?  They were my favorite games ever created, and I could finally play them portable.  And with SMB 3 I had not beaten that game so it was great.

Super Mario 64 was and is the greatest game ever created.  period.  Even by todays standards the game is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.  Its fun, its easy to pickup and play, and its FUN.  Getting a portable version of that game is a great launch lineup.  Add to it more than 50 minigames, multiplayer options, new characters to play as, and new levels and I don't consider it a port.  I consider it the new contender for best game ever created.  

So launching the DS with Super Mario 64 DS isn't a bad thing.  I just wish they had one other launch title with it.

Oh well, it just means I get to buy a 3rd party game, and Spiderman 2 is looking very tempting.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Argh, Japan is getting Mario Kart at launch too...
« on: November 04, 2004, 05:43:59 AM »
I think part of it is just what games are ready.  People are really hating on Nintendo, but I say don't.  I still say we will get one more Nintendo game before Christmas.  Yeah its not alot, but how many games do you really need at launch?  Remember you are going to be busying a DS, a game or two, and Gamecube games this season.  Nintendo wants to make sure you aren't completely overwhelmed.

Plus, this also allows Nintendo to release a steady stream of DS games for a couple of months and then have a burst of games at the PSP launch in US to hurt the PSP launch.

Remember, you can either buy a PSP for about $200 in March, or buy 5 DS games.  I would rather buy 5 games.  Specially if I already have the DS, which I will and many others will.

TalkBack / RE:Nintendo Releases tons of Video
« on: November 04, 2004, 05:15:15 AM »
I watched two of the videos, the DS video and the Gamecube 2 video.

I am really stunned by the quality of these videos and the style.  I really think NOA needs to grab these videos and air these as US commercials.  Just change the names to English so we know what games they are showing.

Some things to note.  The DS games don't look that bad.  Yes it isn't PS2 graphics, but you won't be noticing all the little details and added touches on the small screen as much and resolution isn't as big of a deal.  The games all looked sleak, incredibly innovative, and most importantly FUN.  Almost all of the games stood out as winners, but I must admit that the Kirby game looks as the best video.  

I don't think Nintendo will have to worry about the PSP if they can release a steady games of innovative and uniquely fun games.  And once the DS has a userbase then developers will follow.

Second, the Gamecube games in Video 2 needs to be shown to the US.  All of them were Nintendo exclusive and had a much older feel, and felt original.  Giest seemed like it has much more promise than anyone expected.  Star Fox single player made it a must own game.  In fact, Metroid Prime 2 seemed less specacular to me compared to some of the other games in that video.

Nintendo DS is in good hands.  I still hope for either a price drop or a full game packin.  Mario 64 DS would be a great package with the system, and allow buyers to support the 3rd parties.  I hope Nintendo either does that or drops the price to about 125-135 price range.  $135 would seem to be the most beneficial.  Nintendo wouldn't lose as much, but that price difference is signifigant enough to make DS standout again.

Ages:  I agree it won't happen, but there isn't that many hurdles.

1)Nintendo owns the rights to game and the code of the original Goldeneye game.  They just don't have the Bond license to release the game without some major name changes and tweaks.

2)EA owns the bonds license for right now.

All Nintendo would have to do is give EA the code for Goldeneye or work with EA to port it.  Or EA buys the code from Nintendo for this launch.

It won't happen.  Not in a million years.  So instead of worrying about it, lets just see what EA can cook up and the multiplayer features we will have with the system.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:PSP vs DS
« on: November 01, 2004, 05:05:38 AM »
2D gaming and traditional animation within 2D gaming is personally my favorite gaming experience.

Very few 3D games actually captures my creative youthful spirit the same way that you can with Sprite based games.  I have bought handhelds because they are the last becon for this style of play, and I will sorely miss it if goes away because stupid companies believe it is a limitation of gaming, not a medium of it.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:PSP vs DS
« on: October 29, 2004, 10:44:03 AM »
That quote is also pretty old.

Prices change, and companies can make deals with manufactures to get prices even lower.

I can't believe the price the PSP is being marketed at, but I do know that Sony must have pulled something off to be able to get such a low price.

As mentioned before, if the price is really that low and it costing them 100-150 dollars to sell each system, they would be 150 million dollars in debt if they sold 1 million in Japan.  that is a huge loss for the company.  A loss that can't be made up easily in software.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:PSP vs DS
« on: October 29, 2004, 07:51:09 AM »
KDR:  I don't believe those numbers.  That just seems absurd.  I couldn't even see Sony losing up to $100 per unit.  They would be killing themselves.

Unless, they know prices are going to be dropping soon and then they are just launching early to make sure Nintendo DS has competition.  Then in a few months when prices come down they will be in better shape.  

If this is what Sony is doing, don't expect the US launch until those prices drop, because it will kill them otherwise.  

I still say this information isn't correct.  My idea would only work with about a 100 dollar loss, because prices don't drop enough to make up a 300 dollar lose.

Those numbers don't add up.

Of course alot of this anouncement with the PSP doesn't add up.  It could simply be we all over estimated how much the PSP product would cost and Sony made some great deals to get lower prices.


Nintendo Gaming / RE:Super Princess Peach
« on: October 29, 2004, 07:41:01 AM »
I am really excited about this game.  I love platform games, and Nintendo providing us with New Mario platformers not using Mario is genius.  It gives us unique takes on the same worlds and fun.

Now we just need a new Wario game and we will have an awesome set of DS platform games.

New Super Mario DS
Super Princess Peach
Yoshi Touch N Go

I would also love a platform game where Luigi can go solo throughout the game.  

Nintendo is really impressing me by fleshing out all there characters into more center stage players instead of just sidekicks.

The difference between what games are coming out for the GBA now, and new games coming out for the DS is simple.

Rare was already working on those games when Microsoft bought them.  MS decided it would be better to release those games and make a profit on them instead of just losing the money Rare invested in those products.  It was kinda a respect thing.  However, once those projects are done Microsoft could use the GBA team/s to start making Xbox games.

There is only one reason Microsoft would consider to keep their Rare GBA teams intact.  And that would be to sabatoge Sony with their fight against Nintendo in the handheld market.  If Microsoft was to release a portable Conker or Perfect Dark for DS it could sway alot of potential buyers to Nintendo DS and not PSP.  In turn, less profit and success of PSP means Sony is going into the next console battle with a portable failure, and more sour taste in the consumers mouth than the "god-like" status they have after the PS2 success.  

I don't think Microsoft will play this much hardball though.  I don't think they feel they will need to.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:PSP vs DS
« on: October 28, 2004, 07:49:27 AM »

This is an interesting interesting situation.

Most people believe that in the US the PSP will hit answer between Febuary to late March.  This gives Nintendo DS a 3-4 month headstart and a launch during the busiest shopping season.  With the number of presales for the DS, and the future of Pokemon on that system in Japan the DS is going to be ok.  Nintendo is going to be fine.

In America during shopping season nobody cares about when something else is going to be out, all they care about is what is out now.  Therefore I see strong sales for the DS this holiday season and beyond.  

My question is really about next year.  Sony is obviously taking a profit hit, and its going to be a pretty big risk.  Here is why.  Say conservatively Sony is only losing 25 dollars per unit.  If they sell a million units that is 25 million dollars lost.  They are going to have to make that up in sales of games, movies, and music for the PSP.  Its pretty fair to say that unless Sony plans on releasing PS3 next year (which I think the date is actually for 2006) then their main focus will be on the new system.  Very smart.  

There is just one problem.  Microsoft.  If the Xbox2 is released next year, Sony is going to be losing market share to the new system, unless they launch at the same time.  Sony's PS3 is going to be a huge risk with the expense and technology they are using, and in America Sony's name isn't nearly as dominate with the Xbox out there.  

Basically, Sony could be shooting itself in the foot with these big products and losses.  The competition could eat them alive, and even if they maintain marketshare, their loses will not reflect well on the company.

Nintendo however is releasing the system at a profit most likely.  Every unit they sell adds to their warchest.  Every game sold adds to the warchest.  Every delvelopment fee to 3rd parties adds to Nintendo's funds.  So if the project fails or isn't as successful as Nintendo hopes, it still would not have lost much, if anything at all.  

Nintendo will basically have 3 systems out for developers to use:
GBA:  developers wanting to create a game on the cheap will use this system.
NDS: Developers wanting to create unique titles or a different handheld market will go here.
Cube:  The homesystem market.  

The development for the GBA is going to die.  Perhaps it will be a slow death, but it is still going to die, and really Nintendo doesn't care.  It has already made its profit off the system, and the system is already pushed to its limit.

Nintendo DS is the new Gameboy Advance, just as the SP was.  This new system will be around for probably 2-3 years and then Nintendo will release the real Gameboy successor.

The key is no matter what Nintendo is making money...and the same isn't true with Sony.

In fact, next generation I see Microsoft gaining the most marketshare, followed by Sony, and Nintendo with a last place, but in stronger positions then it was with the Cube, and perhaps tied with Sony.  The difference is Nintendo will be making a profit, Sony won't be, and Microsoft may not be either.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:PSP vs DS
« on: October 28, 2004, 04:58:17 AM »
I wonder.

How much money is Sony losing on the PSP with this price?  I thought everyone was saying there was no way to create that system on the cheap, and yet we see the prices now.

Nintendo DS is still unique, and it has a very strong presence in Japan, and very unique gameplay options.  This will help Nintendo sell the system.  

Actually this is going to be very good for us gamers in America, because what it means is Nintendo is going to push to have their first party games ready to counter the American Launch of the system.  

We will probably get more games sooner, than Nintendo's usual 1 game every few months that Nintendo likes to pull on us.  

I expect to see Metroid Hunters as the game to is released the same day as PSP in America.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Nintendo DS Thumbstrap (What's going on?)
« on: October 28, 2004, 04:50:22 AM »
I think it also has a point to it, so that you aren't touching the screen with a fat thumb, but a more precise point to allow for more accurate movements on the screen.  

It is supposed to be used to allow for smooth analog control for Super Mario 64 DS.  I can image it that if it comes packed in with either the system or with Mario 64 DS it will be used more frequently for every game.

It is worth noting it will also be very useful for Metroid Hunters: First Hunt as you will be able to more easily hold the system and you won't have to use the stylus for movement.


I love your idea for turrent control.  That could be very cool.

You could have the setup like such:

L Button:  fire bullets, or roll.

D-Pad for directions

Touchscreen turrent Control.  and special buttons for boosts, bombs, and rolls.

I would really enjoy a game like this.  Specially what you could design with the tank levels.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Emulation of the Nintendo Ds
« on: October 27, 2004, 01:01:21 PM »
My point isn't that I want to buy these compliations.  My point is people try to justify emulation as a good and fair thing even though its illegal.

Well companies still own the right to these games, and we have seen how they are willing to re-release these games now and provide them for new generation of gamers, and for the older fans of these games.  

There is no excuse to practice in illegal emulation for any reason...
and those that do are actually hurting the industry not helping it.


Nintendo Gaming / RE:PSP vs DS
« on: October 27, 2004, 12:54:53 PM »
I don't know all the details of the PSP launch.  I will be going and checking that out soon.

However, I think Nintendo has the better handheld.

Better Battery life means that you can actually use the system to play games longer, and can play longer with more confidence.  

More hardware features.  Yeah, the PSP has an analog thing for its games, but the DS can easily emulate analog control with the second screen.  Once again showing the versatility of the system.  And don't forget the microphone, dual screens, wifi (which I know the PSP has as well) and you have a very functional and complete system.

Early launch date.  This will be important with the Christmas launch. DS has a jump on the PSP.  

I think Nintendo will be able to hold on to its handheld market as long as they keep producing the games, and advertising the system for all its worth.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Emulation of the Nintendo Ds
« on: October 27, 2004, 10:50:07 AM »
I have never been someone to support Emulation.

You can try to support it all you want by telling us that its got benefits like learning how to program for a system or whatnot.  However, the reason it is popular is because the people aren't just using it for education, they are using it to create, and spread games over the net with which people can play without paying for them.

I also used to think that if a game is hard to get or isn't ever going to be made again, why not have emulation, however Nintendo and other companies have proved this logic wrong, because they have been releasing budget priced compliation disks for us now, or including older games as hidden bonuses the gamer.  This bonuses and compliations won't be made as often if people are just playing the same games with emulation.

If you are starting up a game company, you can easily start producing games on PC first, and make some money.  If you want to move to consoles, you are going to have to put more risk into the development and buy the hardware and spend the money it costs to produce the game.  If you think that is unfair, tough that is the marketplace.  And it is actually much easier to get into than many of the other medias.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Nintendo DS Launch Survey
« on: October 27, 2004, 07:59:43 AM »
I just want to say thanks again for everyones responses.

It seems we got some good perspective from atleast the people from this board.  Now, I guess the thread is dead, since I really don't have any more questions to ask.

Anyway, I will see you all on another thread.

Thanks again.


Nintendo Gaming / RE:DS's Wireless = Free games? Wha!?
« on: October 27, 2004, 07:57:48 AM »
 I don't know how animal crossing would work.  

I really don't see the interest in playing cartridgeless wireless.

Though the only thing I could see it either

1)The cartless wireless features are only for multiplayer minigames.  Perhaps the hidden NES games have multiplayer.
2)Perhaps it just allows your friends to wonder with you in your own town, and perhaps the game has in game multiplayer minigames.  This would atleast allow you to show your town to people without the game in a unique way.  The game would only have to send information about your game, and whatever ingame features would be available in this mode.
3)It could send the entire game, except the save feature, and therefore prevent the theft of the game.

Once again though, it depends on what the developers want to send to you, but I really don't see the problem since once you turn off the system you lose whatever memory is in the RAM.  

TalkBack / RE:Nintendo DS Japanese Shipment Numbers
« on: October 27, 2004, 07:33:10 AM »
As long as Nintendo is keeping its promise of weekly new shipments I actually don't think that number is that bad.

300,000 will handle the presales and alittle more.  In the next weeks if Nintendo keeps a steady stream of 150,000 or more I think Nintendo will have enough for the holiday season.

Hopefully, Nintendo will be providing larger numbers for the American release, because we are going to need them.  

But, because of these numbers I am going today and preordering my DS, before the hype gets going with the system.

Ian Sane, you have been harping on this DS rushed for awhile.  Yeah, it was rushed EVERY LAUNCH for a system has been rushed.  Sometimes it is more important to get your product on the market sooner than later.  Nintendo's Christmas launch is going to be very important in creating a user base to combat the PSP.  And Nintendo will have the DS games in the following months to keep gamers happy.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:DS's Wireless = Free games? Wha!?
« on: October 27, 2004, 05:19:35 AM »

The DS RAM you are downloading the game is only so large.  So you could pretty much only download one multiplayer only game at a time.  You won't be getting the entire game, and you will be limited, because once you turn off the game it is over.  

Besides that I am sure that you are going to need at least one system with the full game to be constantly sending new information over the WIFI, like the map of the next level you are going to playing at and stuff.  

So really this isn't going to be a problem or likely.  

Could you someone figure out to do this, yeah, but if it is a section of the game Nintendo is allowing to be copied via wireless connection, then I am willing to bet they would like you to do that and play their game (and potentially buy the full version) then not play the game at all.

This is not a problem.  Nintendo has probably looked at this threat entirely.  

However, it does atleast allow the homebrew people to design games for the DS, and potentially find away to actually get their code to the DS, to share with gamers around the world, and that is cool.

TalkBack / RE:Nintendo DS Commercials Available for Viewing
« on: October 27, 2004, 05:10:46 AM »
I really like the first and third one.  Moody, alittle creepy, and highly sexual.  It made me interested in what the system has to offer.

I am trying to figure out which one is more suggestive the first or third one.  

You Might Like.


Someone, Somewhere wants to play with you.

This ad campaign is going to really help Nintendo with that kiddie image.  

I am guessing the 2nd commercial will be the one they air at times children might be watching, because it is not sexual at all, and is kinda stupid.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Why not a Sin and Punishment port of the US DS?
« on: October 26, 2004, 08:20:30 AM »
I like treasure.  I like that their games are more art than just products, but in the end sometimes that means some games aren't going to be as marketable as others.  I think Treasure has had a problem with originality and marketability.  Games like Stretch Panic are not going to appeal to everyone, and in the end, Treasure should be respected for the risks.

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