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Nintendo Gaming / IGN's Possible early Launch Story
« on: November 11, 2004, 07:27:12 AM »

As fellow internet surfers, and NintendoDS fans I am sure you have been to IGN's DS site and have read the story on a possible early launch as soon as the 15th.  

They reported  as their source 2 facts:

1)Nintendo is already shipping units and preparing their warehouses to ship more units to stores everywhere to perpare for launch.

2)Gamestop e-mailing some reservation holders and mentioning a move to launch to the 15th...or possible move of launch I don't remember the wording.

Well, I have my copy reserved at a Texas Gamestop and I didn't get such an e-mail...and I wonder if anybody really did.

Have you guys heard anything about this from either where you work if you work retail, your reservation store, or even if you are one of the Gamestop reservations that got an e-mail.

This too me seems like a smart idea.  They can launch early unadvertised and start a buzz and have the second shipment of DS systems for the scheduled date of release.  

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 10, 2004, 11:03:54 AM »
Ok.  Terms are gettting confused.

When people discuss 3D and 2D within gameplay they are talking about the traditional difference of a type of Sidescrolling game, and a game that uses the 3rd dimension in its design.

In that regard SSBM is a 2D.  Even games like Viewtiful Joe and that N64 Kirby would fall into the 2D category with that defination.

Now, if we are talking about graphics.  Then 2D only refering to traditional sprite based animation.  This usually uses traditional animation techniques.  Sometimes will use claymation or something different.  Then 3D refers to anything that uses polygons or such to create a computer generated 3D model of the characters and world within the game.

In that since SSBM is a 3D game, along with Viewtiful Joe and Kirby.

Personally I really can't believe we got in such a heated arguement on that.  Either people needed to define their words once they saw miscommunication was going on.  Or let it go realizing what each the other meant.

In short, many do not want Smash Brothers to ever be designed with that 3rd plane to complicate game design, depth perception, and overall the simplistic yet, enjoyable game mechanics of the original.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:What will/could make the DS prevail
« on: November 10, 2004, 08:55:29 AM »
Ian Sane:  Exclusive Content isn't even 100% true.

Halo wasn't a unique game.  You weren't missing out if you decided not to buy an Xbox to play Halo, yet Halo single handedly sold the Xbox to the American public.

However, Nintendo's Gamecube had atleast two very unique games right after launch.  Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Pikmin.  Yes, SSB was available for N64, but not nearly as polished or as great an experience.  Then you have Pikmin which deceptively looked like an RTS, but it felt different.  And if I must say, Luigi's Mansion was also an exclusive content game as well, that provided a unique puzzle type gameplay...sure it wasn't recieved well but it was exclusive.  

Gamecube even had Super Monkey Ball a 3rd party exclusive game, that was a blast.  

In fact, I would argue that if you look at Nintendo's library for unique exclusive content it is much better than Xbox and I think very similar to PS2.  Yet it is somehow 3rd.

The point I am getting at is:  Its less games, less exclusive content, and sadly more about perception and "coolness."  The thing is that Coolness will get you in the door, but the games is what will keep you, and you better have good games.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:What will/could make the DS prevail
« on: November 10, 2004, 06:55:45 AM »
Yes image, hype, cool factor is much more important than quality of the game.  How sad is that.

Halo is an example.  Halo made the X-Box a success, not because it was a great game, though it was great.  But because it gained the image of being the cool game to play.  And that is debatable.  There were some minor problems with the design of Halo, and those designs are also in Halo 2.  

That doesn't mean I think its a bad game or anything, because I don't.  I am just saying it isn't what the MS hype machine has made it...either game.  Yet the media and the fans will make it that.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Another
« on: November 10, 2004, 05:55:45 AM »
I am looking forward to this game, just because it is a very different idea for Nintendo and portable gaming.  It truely is a throwback to old PC games.  As long as the story is good, and the gameplay elements all come together this could be very cool.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:What will/could make the DS prevail
« on: November 10, 2004, 05:54:09 AM »
For console gaming pricing isn't as big of a deal, but it is for portable gaming.  

If I had a choice between GTA for my PS2 or for my PSP, at the same price or very very close.  I will buy the console version.  

However, if I have that choice for a Gamcube Mario game or a DS Mario Game and the prices are 10-15 dollar difference I will buy the DS game.  The thing is people demand cheaper prices for portable systems, and portable games.  They don't for console system and games.

Bill:  Exclusive games are important, but Nintendo has always had exclusive games in Spades.  They are the best first party developer in the world.  However, they are still 3rd place.  Hmmm....Perhaps Exclusive games aren't as important as we think.

Hotspots also provide you with a few other bonuses besides online WiFi internet.  With the Hotspots it allows games to have more players than the average connection.  It also could allow exclusive content, downloads, and even entirely unique games per location.  

Nintendo really needs to advertise all these things.  I would go to a local bar that has a special multiplayer DS game that I can't play anywhere else....if it was good.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:What will/could make the DS prevail
« on: November 10, 2004, 04:34:17 AM »
Palzero:  I actually understand how the hotspots work.  But, what I am saying is that these hotspots can be used to create a community.  People will know where to go to meet others with a DS.  Sometimes you just don't know anybody else with a system.  If you don't then having wireless play is meaningless.  And some people won't have the option for wireless WiFi at home.

So with these Hotspots.  Make them cool.  Give them exclusive content, make it online if you want...but most importantly, make it some place people actually want to go to meet people and play the DS.  

I know people.  People would rather go to a bar and have fun with real people in the room then play online with somewhat real people.

The community aspect of DS could make or break the system.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:What will/could make the DS prevail
« on: November 10, 2004, 04:18:03 AM »
What the DS needs to succeed.

1)Promote community.  Release several games that incorporate multiplayer, and then create Hotspots for gamers to meet new gamers, and play DS.  Create something special at these hotspots, like exclusive maps or such.  I don't care where these hotspots are, as long as they are all around the world, and not only at toy stores.

2)Internet is not going to be a breaking point for DS.  It will not matter if you can play DS online or not.  What will matter is those HotSpots, and ensuring everyone that DS multiplayer is here to stay.

3)Ian Sane is right.  Nintendo needs to show that DS doesn't HAVE to use all the feature it has available.  Nintendo needs to design a game that doesn't take advantage of the touch screen.  Show developers its ok to limit design and not use everything.  

4)Keep prices as low as possible.  Portable gaming can never carry the same price point that console gaming does.  Keep prices low, and comparison shoppers will buy the DS for cheaper games.  IF all PSP games are 10-15 dollars more than DS games, then some will choose DS over PSP.  Specially if you are also talking about a 50 dollar starting price difference as well.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:SSB DS and Zelda DS
« on: November 10, 2004, 04:04:43 AM »
I think we will see the basic bare bones with Super Smash Brothers DS.  We won't be getting internet connectivity.  However, this isn't a bad thing, but a good thing.  Nintendo knows the abilities and weaknesses of their own protocol for wireless play.  They can push the limits of game design by not jumping to online play with Super Smash Brothers.

Here is what I would like to see:

1)8 player multiplayer matches/4 player Co-Op mode.
2)Expanded Adventure Mode.  How about top down dungeon for the Link themed level? Or a race for the F-Zero themed game?  Something interesting and fun.  Then sprinkle alittle Co-Op magic and you have an amazing Adventure mode.
3)Custom Challenge creations.  Pick the level, Opponent, victory circumstances, and Computer skill level.  Then see if you or you and your friends can beat it.
4)Larger levels.  With a pontential for 8 players to play verse mode, some of the levels need to be designed for such large masses.  I would love levels that are larger and have more pitfalls in the middle to spice things up and set up traps.  

Zelda is still going to be 2D with the multiplayer aspect.  Nintendo has created 2 really fun games with this multiplayer angle, but they haven't hit a grand slam with the game design yet.  I fully expect for this game to really push the limits of the 2D Co-Op Verse gameplay design that has made the Zelda franchise fun.  

I also suspect this will be one of those most own games that will push DS sales, and the experience will definately be worth it.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 10, 2004, 03:13:05 AM »
I will admit I am not really that good at Smash Brothers, and therefore I don't play one on one very much.  

Yeah, one on one I can see comboing, but the game isn't just about one on one.  You can play with up to 4 people.  Which is what makes Smash Brothers, unique.  Its one of the very few 4 player fighting games that actually works.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 09, 2004, 12:58:14 PM »
Bill Aurion:  Your completely right.  The Depth Perception would be very very hard to deal with.

So you have two solutions:

1)Do the best you can and design the game with other means to keep you in the play field and not dying quickly.

2)Really downplay the idea of jumping back onto the playfield.  Make the balance where you are scared to go anywhere near the edge, and then also include pitfalls and traps around the center of the field.  If you are thrown off, you are thrown off.  It would make the game faster paced with many more kills going on.  The game would be alittle less about skill, and alittle more about chance, but still fun.

I am just saying the game could be done.  Not saying that it could be done completely as well as it could be done in 2D.  Somethings just work 100X better in 2D.  Like the new DS Kirby game, could not be attempted in 3D at all.

That is also why when I talk about SSBM sequel I talk about enhancing the features they added in Melee, and rounding out the game to make it even better.  Balance, Balance, Balance.  I don't care too much about new characters, though a few would be nice.  I want more depth in adventure mode, a CO-Op Adventure mode.  Bots to create your own custom challenges.  How about a Custom Challenge mode where you can setup the situations for victory.  Set Bot skill levels, how you must win, and then save it to the Gamecard, or trade it with a friend.  Stuff like that is what is needed for the next game.

TalkBack / RE:MS Vice Presidents Comment on PSP vs DS
« on: November 09, 2004, 08:25:19 AM »
Lokni:  Ok.  For average gamers I can see how portable gaming is a luxury...but portable gaming also has a second market.  The one I tried to describe.  Its an interesting market.  Right now its the market that is willing to play crappy games on cellphones.  They just want something to do with their down time.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 09, 2004, 08:23:12 AM »
PaleZero:  Even Super Smash Brother Melee isn't that much about combos, as it is about complete crowd control.  You have so many people attacking you, you need to be more worried about living then successfully completing a cool 10 hit combo in Smash Brothers.

I am just calling it how I see it.  If you are running around in 3D trying to knock people off a 3D island you aren't going to have the luxury to really pull of crazy combos.  I thought this design would feel the most like Super Smash Brothers in 3D.

I would like to note.  I personally do not want this to be the next step for Super Smash Brothers.

The next step to me is using the DS, and setting up larger arenas to fight up to 8-16 people in.  

2D levels with much much more interaction and platform elements.  

Last and I think the best achievement is an adventure Co-op mode to play with 4 people that makes you solve puzzles and fight throughout the worlds.  Something that like Four Swords Smash Brothers.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 09, 2004, 07:32:53 AM »
BILL:  If you designed a game that had the same basic principle, but felt different, why not use the same name and same character to capatilize on the franchise name and history.

Here is my how to translate Smash Brothers to 3D guide.

1)Create small completely interactive enviroments to fight in that are basically floating Nintendo themed islands.  

2)Keep the unique damage system.   As you get hurt more the easier it is to smash you and hit you about.  In fact also include the same Smash move type controls.  EXCEPT, make them charge moves with the attack buttons.  

3)Control:  5 buttons  1)Jump, and be used for double jump, 2)Punch, 3)Kick, 4)Block 5)Special

4)Special  Move Trigger.  Ok this is new to the series.  To keep special moves simple and able to work in 3D, hold the Special move trigger and push any of the other buttons or two buttons to do special moves.

5)Game still revolves around king of the hill type gameplay.

6)Keep the game less about stringing combos together and more about positioning, smart platforming, and successful use of items and the enviroment for defense and offense.

7)Keep the insane amount of Nintendo items for power and more.

See, Smash Brothers 3D could be made.  And it could work on the revolution.

TalkBack / RE:MS Vice Presidents Comment on PSP vs DS
« on: November 09, 2004, 07:17:32 AM »
Lokno:  I disagree.  I don't think people view portable gaming as a luxury device for gaming.  I think quite differently.  I think many people buy portable gaming as something to do on the go when they are bored.  People that normally wouldn't play video games will invest in portable gaming.  This is why Nintendo has always approached portable gaming with an older audience market strategy.  

I am not looking at portable gaming for the first time as potentially my main gaming.  I find myself playing the Gamecube less, and playing the GBA more.  Now, I want to play my DS more then any Gamecube games and I don't even have the system.  I am hoping I can find DS parties to play wireless and such, and I never desired that kind of gaming.  

Portable gaming is very different, in the means it attracts any person that will have to be waiting, and or traveling as a normal routine.

couchmonkey:  I don't think Microsoft is even thinking that Nintendo is a threat.  Nintendo is so drastically different in behaviors and marketing than Microsoft I think MS believes Nintendo a nonissue.  Where Sony is aggressively marketing the same audience that they are.  They are competing for the same exclusive games and marketshare.  

Anything Microsoft can do to hurt Sony they will.  Where they won't do that to Nintendo until they become a greater threat, or actually even a risk of threat.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 09, 2004, 04:09:41 AM »
Ok...since the topic has changed COMPLETELY from the point of the thread I will join in.

Super Smash Brothers, could be done in a 3D enviroment, and it could be very very fun, but what you would have is less of a combo rich fighter and more of a platform fighter...which is what Powerstone was.  

Powerstone was alot of fun, but it didn't have very much depth at all, because creating that depth meant much more complicated controls.  What you ended up getting was simple button press combos, and fullscreen combos, and not very precise platforming elements.  Not really a fighter, and not really a platformer.

I think Super Smash Brothers in 3D could be done easier and very fun, but it would also so dramatically change SSB that it wouldn't feel like SSB.  Just how Super Mario 64 is a Mario game, but it doesn't feel like a Mario game compared to the 2D worlds.

I personally wouldn't mind Nintendo trying different things with the king of the hill formula of SSB in 3D...but for revolution only.  And then for DS and eventually Gameboy Revolution (whatever) keep it 2D.  

Online is another situation completely.  I don't like online gaming, but creating a game online doesn't effect the playability of multiplayer at home, or single player.  Or shouldn't.

TalkBack / RE:MS Vice Presidents Comment on PSP vs DS
« on: November 09, 2004, 03:58:19 AM »
Are we Nintendo fans getting cocky?  

Once upon a time.  We never heard of Sony and gaming together...and they managed with an inferior system (that appeared to be far superior) take down Nintendo which had huge marketshare and creditability.

PSP is positioned itself to be the system that takes down Nintendo in the handheld market.  And it isn't a question of if it will sell, IT WILL SELL.  The question is will the loses they make this generation with the PSP be worth the next generation portable battle for Sony.  Will losing millions of dollars on the PSP make the PSP2 worth it when Sony now has the popular image for the handheld market?  I dunno.  It really depends on investors and how the PS3 goes.  

If the PS3 goes well, and they get the number 1 console spot again, then the investors will probably be glad that the PSP2 will be made and hopefully continue the Sony dominance.  However, if the PS3 is struggling with Xbox2, or Revolution then investors will look at the PSP as a waste of money, that spread their resources too thin.  

Nintendo is willing to fight, and fight hard for their handheld market.  It is what has kept them afloat and very profitable.  Nintendo launches Pokemon DS, and the handheld war is over in Japan.  

NOA is positioning the DS Metroid to have a killer multiplayer experience.  Are they looking for that "DS Halo" effect with this game.  A game that is so good people will buy the system just for that?  Yeah I think they are.

Basically, Nintendo isn't in good shape with the DS batting the PSP, but neither is Sony in a great shape battling Nintendo, and eventually MS.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 08, 2004, 12:51:57 PM »
Savior:  Her answer was very poor.  Her answer was.  Look Sony is in a position where they HAVE to do fight aggressively.  We own the market.  We are ok.  Sony isn't...and we will be in an awesome position in the US when the PSP is launched.  However, she didn't mention the global market, didn't mention how they would be in a better position.

She should have highlighted 1st party games that would be out when the PSP will launch.  Just that alone would say, hey we are aggressively positioning are games for quick release to provide our supports with better games at a quicker time.

And yeah Nintendo can't announce hey if you wait you will save $50 when we cut the price to compete.  That is why Nintendo needs to announce a smaller price cut now.  Simply put $150 doesn't look that good against $200, however, $125 looks really good.  But even if $25 price cut is too much.  A $135 is something.  

Or Nintendo could have announced keeping the $150 price and giving Mario DS away.  Or even giving a half price your first game purchase with the DS.  Any of these promotions would have been big and thrown the excitment back towards Nintendo.

In the end, the answer was weak.  The response Nintendo is taking towards Sony is playing it safe.  They would rather ensure they make money with this gamble then try to hit that home run and bury they PSP.

TalkBack / RE:The Perrin Kaplan Interview
« on: November 08, 2004, 11:01:07 AM »
This was a pretty good interview.

PK was definately playing the spin game, really spinning her answers to be positive for Nintendo, and sometimes there wasn't much positive to really say.  However, I do believe that underneath it all you could see Nintendo is analysising there mistakes, and trying to figure a means to fix these mistakes the "Nintendo way."  What I mean by that is Nintendo is a very proud company, and a very different company.  In fact there pride comes from just how different they are.  So Nintendo is trying to solve the internet play a unique way, so that they can say they did something but they can also say they did it better.  

I was disappointed in the DS answers though.  Specially the reaction to PSP.  PK positioned Nintendo as almost being arragont with their position.  "What is Sony doing to watch Nintendo?"  Well we know what they are doing.  They are pricing themselves aggressively, and are going to try to win the market with a suavy powerful portable system that is flashy and sweet.

Last, we really don't think you are being aggressive when you price the system to make money.  Now we know you can drop the price alittle and still be ok.  Do something truely aggressive and react and play hardball.  Please.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Non-Game Software You'd Like to See for the NDS
« on: November 08, 2004, 05:55:47 AM »
I could deal with a webbrowser that allows all those other features to be accessed from its main page, but I don't want to have to put a gamecard into my DS to check addresses, calender and such.  It just doesn't seem worth would be better to create a browser that had all those features on it.  If you buy the broswer you get free E-mail, calender program that would also give you all those other features.

DS, really should just be used for gaming.  These other options aren't going to be THAT useful, or convenant to purchase.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Potential NDS HotSpot
« on: November 08, 2004, 05:21:32 AM »
Actually this only place Nintendo could successfully create an atmosphere and hip hub around the country.  

The only other option would be McDonalds, which would still be good to do for the younger crowd.  

But Starbucks is known as a social place and to be able to play games around and hang out would be great business for Starbucks.  The only question is, would Starbucks want it?

Playing video games isn't hip and trendy, and although it would be good for business would it attract a crowd and an enviroment that would actually scary other business away?  perhaps.  

Another option would be to create your own small businesses to hang out, drink coffee, beer, grab a bite to eat and play.  Start creating them originally around colleges and branch out from there.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Argh, Japan is getting Mario Kart at launch too...
« on: November 05, 2004, 08:44:00 AM »
Kenny:  I got to the very last level, the very final boss, and I didn't finish the game, because it was so much work I just didn't care to finish the game.  Even after I read the critics said that the Donkey Kong 64 has a great end battle.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Animal Crossing DS NEW PICs & Info
« on: November 05, 2004, 06:14:58 AM »
Nintendo is the one of the only companies out there that makes games and still believes in the artform of gaming.

Nintendo strives to make each game an unique experience either by artstyle, or gameplay.  They understand that a game needs to be immersive, but immersion doesn't mean betraying your artform or neglecting what you are.  

This is why Nintendo keeps 2D gaming alive.  They realize that 2D gaming is a medium that can successfully create fun games.  Touch Kirby could not have been made in a 3D design so they make it 2D and it works wonderful.

I suspect that either Nintendo is creating a retro game with Super Princess Peach that plays off the history of Nintendo and therefore must be 2D, or they are working on gameplay features that will be more successful within a 2D enviroment.

Microsoft and Sony don't look at the art the same way.  They look at sheer popularity first, and strive to pander to the market.  Unfortunately, Pandering means you can make more money...and sometimes Sony and Microsoft makes more money and gains more popularity than Nintendo.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Nintendo DS official website (in USA)
« on: November 05, 2004, 06:03:43 AM »
I like the experience of the webpage.  You do feel like you are on a journey, exploring something new and fun, but the information on the page is very limited, and not very personable.  

I think the Nintendo Japan DS website is the best Nintendo website I have been too.  It had a very abstract feel.  You just felt like you were floating within navigation.  As well the information was very personable.  You not only saw information about games, but you experienced others enjoying the system.  You became emotional as you saw their emotions.

I really wish Nintendo of America would do something similar with the American DS website.  It would add to the experience.

I do find it odd that the DS American website actually achieves a completely different feel from the US advertising on the web and on television.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Argh, Japan is getting Mario Kart at launch too...
« on: November 05, 2004, 04:08:15 AM »
Oh I hated Banjo Kazooie.  It was annoying that I couldn't run up a hill because I hadn't talked to a mole yet to learn how to do that move.  

Mario 64 taught you how to do the moves, but if you learned them on your own you got to use them immediately.  

Zelda OoT didn't make you have to learn new moves you got new weapons, and the Gold Skulltas were a bonus side quest.  You didn't have to go after them, and most of them you could get in the levels without having to go back half way through the game after getting that last weapon.

Banjoe had some cool things about it, but I think it was ultimately flawed.  

Same with Donkey Kong 64.  Nice graphics, and the controls were spot on, but the world was uninteresting, and having to play it with 6 characters didn't make it more interesting, but less.

Perhaps I am the only one that felt this way with those games, and if so I will be in the minority.  

I will say that I like Nintendo and Miyamoto because he understands that you are still playing a game.  He is smart enough to design actual levels and give you noticable visual clues to what exactly your supposed to do in the game.  Sure sometimes that simplifies the game, but it also helps you progress and have fun.  You in the 3D Mario games you always knew where you were supposed to go.  Same with the later Zelda games, and if you forgot you could easily talk to a few key people and they would point you on your way.  

Even Metroid Prime gave you hints allowing you to remember where you were supposed to be going.  

Remembering that what you are creating is a game is important to the artform, and I believe you will see more and more developers forgetting that imporant task as they create bigger worlds, and giving players more freedom within those worlds.

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