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This looks like that Free to Play Kirby Game, but with more content and perhaps better...but still doesn't look that exciting.  Am I missing something?  It is a budget Title for Nintendo being priced at $19.99 but still seems too much.

This should be fun...Launch March 2022 I would want to focus on different gaming experiences for the launch.  The first phase is multiplayer games:

Launch Line Up
Splatoon 3 (This game should focus on having a real 3D person adventure well as multiplayer)
Super Nintendo Kart

Launch Line Up will be supplemented with fully functional Nintendo Online Virtual Consoles Including NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube.  Games will be upgraded texture work to help upscale the it won't just be emulation. 

Summer and Fall Releases: (These releases need to fill in the holes for Genres and be interesting)
An RPG/Strategy focused game:  Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Game, Earthbound, or Advanced Wars)
Classic IP: A Kirby Game or other B level Nintendo IP
A Big Party Game:  Nintendo Party or Wii Sports type game

Big Christmas Game:
Super Mario Galatic Odyssey.  This game would take the ideas of Galaxy and Odyssey and smash them together.  But the big innovative thing I would make is a Mario Multiplayer Star hunt.  Have players running around finding Stars pop up on the map and carry them back to there base to score. Single player and team modes could be played.

Summer Game: Super Smash Bros. Ultra Ultimate Edition

Christmas Year 2:  Zelda

Banned the original poster because it was a spambot that copied the opening post of this Reddit thread. However, I've got nothing against the topic so I guess I'll let Spak-Spang's first reply become the topic starter for this conversation now instead. Except the first reply in the Reddit thread was also SMB/Duck Hunt..... Hmmmm. Is there something you've been meaning to tell us Spaky?

I came back and saw I started this thread but didn’t remember doing it. Now I understand. I should ask another question

Captain America being Falcon is good.  It seems natural and already set up.  I kinda hope they keep the name Falcon, but I will respect that.  Iron Heart needs to be done, but I just hope they give it time first.  Let the newish old Avengers have a Limelight for awhile.  I mean we are going to get a New Black Widow probably (I am excited) A New Hawkeye, A She-Hulk.  So that is 4 of the original Avengers having new incarnations.  We will see what happens with Thor 4, but I don't think we will have Jane Foster as Thor for very long.  So I am not going to say she is the default new version of Thor. 

I think if they introduce Iron Heart, a cool movie plot would be War Machine vs. Iron Man...and have James Rhodes be a Iron Man-sized War Machine...with Iron Man colors and everything, and see the suit used in more military like patriotic missions, a puppet of the US military...and then Riri Williams comes with her Iron Man and reminds James what it is like to be a hero fighting for everyone, not just the government. 

Well, She Hulk hasn't. always been permanently green, and they are going to have to do some sort of origin story.  I really She-Hulk's blood transfusion origin.  It makes for a simple premise that makes enough scientific since to be believable.  What is really great is it also makes sense that She Hulk would come around after Smart Hulk, because Banner could perfect the serum and process more. 

Finally, I really hope this means that she will be the default Hulk in the upcoming MCU.  I think having a new versions of classic characters is a great way to do something different and move forward.  I hope they do not try to replace Iron Man or Captain America though.  I think for the time being let those 2 iconic characters stay retired.

TalkBack / Re: Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Switch) Review
« on: September 16, 2020, 08:14:53 PM »
Mr. Bungle I don't think it does at this point, but who knows it might get a patch. 

I am really torn about this game.  I love Super Mario 64, it is in my top favorite games.  But I have beaten it countless times on Nintendo 64 and on Wii VC.  I really wanted to true remake, but I respect this release was about preserving history and celebrating Mario not a new game. 

I also get why Nintendo may never revisit and remaster Super Mario 64...the game is brilliant but it is also a game filled with limitations of the time.  But I think they could easily remaster Super Mario 64 and add some content to the games.  Add levels, and add new stars to each level.  All this would make for an awesome game...but that isn't what a celebration package should be about. 

NWR:  Exactly.  And so I think this will be released with the Switch 2.  I think the Switch 2 will be new system not a pro upgrade...but it will play all the old games.  I think Nintendo has learned its lessons and this will be the model they use.  Maybe an upgraded system every 5-4 years at the earliest.  Anyway the Switch was a great System but it could easily be improved upon.  First make the controllers bigger and give them a more comfortable design.  Bigger regular sized buttons and a better Analog Stick.  What I would like to see is a mechanism that could Lock the Analog Stick into a Arcade Stick mode for Virtual console games and such.  But that is just a personal thing.

Then I would like to see both controllers get equal parts inside, Camera, full motion control support on par with Wiimote + if possible.  And if it is possible...a way for these new controllers to be backwards compatible with the Switch.  I understand it won't be perfect, but anything would do. 

That is true, but it could be possible to play with an additional Switch Controller with pointer controls.  Which is why I think it could easily be placed on the Switch Virtual Console.  But honestly, I don't see Wii Virtual Console coming for awhile.  I think it won't hit until Switch 2 happens...and I expect Switch 2 to have new controllers that fix the Switch Controllers problems. 

Luigi Dude:  That is actually really good news.  What it means to me is that I don't have to drop $60.00.  It will be for a limited time, and then slowly it will be released onto the Switch Online Service.  Which means, perhaps the end of this year we can be getting a sweet N64 upscaled Virtual Console Nintendo Online App.

Duck Hunt or Super Mario Bros for NES.
Though I honestly could have played Donkey Kong in the arcade or Atari first.  I'm an old one.

I would have never guessed Kang the Conqueror would be used for Ant-Man 2.  Since Ant-Man is comedy, I wonder how they will change the character up?  I think Marvel was forced into a corner only being able to focus on Avengers in the MCU...but ultimately I think that is a good thing.  Avengers story arc is finished, but being able to bring in Fantastic 4, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, X-men...they can really focus on building the universe without having to ask questions about where is Iron Man, why didn't Captain America help?  And this is good...It also allows for us to see how the Avengers really inspired young heroes to step up.  It also could explain why these teams form that are not connected to any Governments and could lead to the persecution storylines that are so strong in them.  I think the of all the movies I would like to see right now the most would be a Doctor Strange and Fantastic 4 team up movie.  It has sorta been done with Tony and Doctor Strange, but the whole Magic vs. Science story arcs are interesting, and well with Doctor Doom being a Magic and Science wielder having a Doctor Strange team up could be fun.  I am also really sadden about Chadwick Boseman's death and that we will never get the original Black Panther trilogy that I am sure Marvel was planning, but it also means we can step back into that world and dig deeper.  I wouldn't mind a Shuri Black Panther movie.  I am sure some people will say, that gender swapping, but to me it would just be a cool can even have a vengeance storyline...start the movie with the Death of Black Panther make it a mystery thriller with Shuri and Okoye being the main leads.  Tie it to the Winter Soldier and Falcon series with them appearing briefly in the movie. 

There is one more piece of this puzzle I thought of.  These games are available only for a limited time.  Nintendo could be throwing a bone to the fans, and getting that big $60.00 purchase for a limited edition game.  Then releasing digital only download versions the individual games for those that did not get the collection.  They could easily, keep that limited edition digital status of the game and then sell each individual game afterwards for $19.99 each.  (That good ole Nintendo Tax is there) But more importantly it makes the original 3 games again $60.00 to help the original buyers not be frustrated.  And to get them to all make one more purchase Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $19.99 would feel like a steal. 

Another thing Nintendo could do for Super Mario Galaxy 2 is give it away free with there new controller they are supposedly making.  This would allow it to be played on the Switch Lite, if motion controls are really that important.

For Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the lack of Galaxy 2 makes it a no deal for me.  Galaxy 2 is not only by far my favorite 3D Mario, but is also the perfect continuation of Galaxy 1.  Takes the basic concepts Galaxy 1 did but expands on them with an insane amount of new gameplay variety and a greater challenge.  If I was to purchase this collection, after playing Galaxy 1, I'd want to play Galaxy 2 right after, and that'd require me putting my original Wii disc, into my Wii U and playing the game in Wii mode.  Well if I have to do that, then I might as well just play Galaxy 1 the same way on my Wii U using the original disc as well.  And if my Wii U is already on, then I can also play Mario 64 since I got that as a Club Nintendo reward when they original ended that program.

So unless they made some major improvements to Sunshine, I'm not paying $60 just to play an HD upscaled version of that game.  It's be one thing if they were doing what Capcom did with the Mega Man Classic and X collections, and split this up in 3D All-Stars 1 with 64, Sunshine and Galaxy 1, then had 3D All-Stars 2 with 64 DS, Galaxy 2 and 3D Land but they're not.  As a limited run to celebrate Mario's 35th Anniversary, not having Galaxy 2 is just dumb and a major slap in the face to fans of that game.

For the Wii U ports, I personally don't mind them.  I got to play all these games on the Wii U years before they came out on Switch so it's not like I have to buy the Switch versions.  For something like Hyrule Warriors, I got about 30 hours of enjoyment from the original on Wii U before I got bored of the gameplay.  So having a version of the game with more content actually makes me want to play it less since one of my problems with the original is there's way too much content in the game for what is basically a repetitive beat-em-up button masher.

Now something like Caption Toad which I loved I plan on buying it for the new content someday, but will wait for a price cut since the new content ended up not being that much more substantial from what I've seen.  New Super Mario Bros U and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze are two games I could see myself eventually buying on the Switch again because I loved the original Wii U versions, and having faster load times would be great, but will probably wait until close to the end of the systems lifespan to do so when they've had their prices greatly reduced.  Pikmin 3 is something I could see myself rebuying with the new content as well, but will probably wait until a price drop.

The only Wii U port I could see myself rebuying at full price is the upcoming 3D World + Bowsers Fury.  Something about the way Bowsers Fury is presented kind of makes me think this new content could be pretty substantial expansion to the game.  The way they're even calling the game, Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury makes it literally sound like an expansion pack.  According to reports, the original Wii U version was 1.7 GB, while the upcoming Switch version is 5 GB.  Most of the time these Switch ports go down in size so for 3D World file size to become 3 times bigger, that kind of tells me there's a lot of new content being put in here.

Yeah, but even that is sad.  Honestly, I was hoping for Super Mario 64 to be remade using the Odyssey graphics.  I mean basically every texture you would need is there.  But OK...some might say that isn't Mario 64 then. least add some stuff to make the game more playable and valuable.  I add the wall slide to make wall jumps easier.  Add the extra levels from Mario 64 DS.  And then maybe have all the extra characters unlockable after beating the game. 

Super Mario Sunshine...I would love for them to add a Blue Coin tracker...maybe as something you get after beating the game.  I mean Sunshine isn't a bad game, there are some issues with the camera and level design, but it isn't awful.  I don't think the game needs to add too much.  the HD upscale is probably enough.

Galaxy is the same, but like everyone else said Galaxy 2 should have been added.  Galaxy 2 is like the Lost Levels.  If it isn't in a collection I don't see them adding it period.  I Nintendo should have thought this through more.  Maybe they will make it a DLC for the package, or an update.  That would be nice.

I have never finished any of the games in this collection. I dont really like them that much, but I havent played them for a very long time.

Because it is limited, I have preordered the physical version. I will revisit Galaxy first because it is newest and most playable.

I will have to respectfully disagree with this entire point.  I find many old games more playable than modern games.  Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and Link to the Past are games I have literally beat countless times, because it is so playable. 

With Super Mario 3D All Stars, Super Mario 64 is easily one of the most playable and still enjoyable 3D platformers to date.  It is brilliant game...and although not perfect I would say it is more playable than Galaxy and Sunshine.  Heck it may be more playable than Odyssey.

I am not a traditional JRPG player.  I find the games to be quite tedious and the stories are just usually not worth it.  I still stand by the game that the most impressive video game stories can not compare to novels, TV shows, or what not.  So I play games for gameplay not stories.

That said.  I have beaten Chrono Trigger multiple times and it is my favorite traditional JRPG.  It is just such a perfectly designed story and game.  I tried to play other versions of it...but the magic is gone in my willingness to play a turn based RPG game.  What I will say, is I loved the New Game + feature and I would probably go through the story mode again with a new game + save.  That feeling of being all powerful is pretty cool.

TalkBack / Re: Mario Kart Goes Live On Home Circuit October 16
« on: September 04, 2020, 03:08:53 AM »
This is just a cool invention for even just free driving...let alone being able to play a cool game with it.  But at $99.99 I can really afford it...and I won't really get too much play out of it being an adult.

I am playing Super Mario Bros. 2 when I get home.
 Princess Peach run all the way.

I am really torn about this.  Super Mario 64 is my favorite Mario Game.  I was hoping that this release would give us an HD version of the Nintendo DS version of Mario 64...and perhaps add the sliding of Mario down walls that is now standard but wasn't in Mario 64.  I really just wanted Super Mario 64 with modern Mario controls.  I have played Galaxy thoroughly and it is a great Mario game, but it isn't perfect, and Although Galaxy is better than Sunshine I don't really want it.  Then we get Sunshine, but Sunshine is awesome for those obstacle course levels without the water pack, but there are many, many things I don't like about Sunshine...of course the cool things Sunshine does we haven't seen in other games. 

Hmmm....  And like everyone else said...I never played Galaxy 2, and it is supposed to be one of the best 3D Mario experiences.

This sounds amazing.  I love the concept of this game.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: September 03, 2020, 10:15:20 AM »
Adrock:  It was, except that he doesn't talk about not caring if they die.  He still believes he is going to change the world by making all the world leaders now have the same struggle as mutants...except that if they aren't real mutants but forced mutants it isn't the same plight. 

I think showing the Magneto understood the risk of death and went with his plan knowing it would most likely fail...showing that cold conviction with words is important.  Just having him say, are you sure you saw what you saw?  or something like that wasn't enough. 

On a separate note, I read the Demon Bear Saga again to prepare for the New Mutants movie...and I fully understand why the movie is getting bad reviews...and why it should have worked...the story is a perfect story for a movie if it was written right.  First, trapping them into the hospital like the hospital and workers is evil takes the set piece of the original story of being trapped in a hospital protecting a fallen comrade away.  The core setup is wrong.  And it is tragic because the hospital works so well in the original comic book story.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:30:23 PM »
I am willing to accept a movie that has aged poorly as still being good.  The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is still one of the best comic book movies ever made, and X-Men works up until Magneto's silly scheme.  It would have worked as a story, better if Magneto looked at storm and just said, "Well, if mutation does stick, then at least those leaders can hurt us anymore."  Showing himself to equally the problem. 

As for the movie count, I thought there were more too.  But mainline movies there are still only like 7 still almost half of the movies were good.  I guess that is Star Trek and James Bond level consistency. 

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:23:55 PM »
X2 United, First Class, and the Original and Days of Future Past are the 4 "good movies". With X2 United and First Class being great films. 

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: September 02, 2020, 07:26:40 PM »
I think there are only 3 good X-men films (not counting the Wolverine or Deadpool films) which I guess that is almost half of them.  One could make an argument that there are 4 good movies, but if you do then I will counter which there are only 2 great X-men movies.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Switch 2 Speculation
« on: August 28, 2020, 10:46:39 PM »
I agree with Ian.  I don't want to update a new console every 3 years.  I want to know my investment is safe for at least 4 years...I want to know that games will be playable on the console and I don't need to upgrade.  Gaming is expensive and paying a premium for a console and a console game makes me want to ensure it is going to last.  I don't care about graphics eventually being outdated, but I do care if after 2 years of having a console the next Mario game will require another big investment.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Switch 2 Speculation
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:32:54 PM »
Adrock I think the thing is the solution is the same, but because there is actual hardware in the dock you don’t have to worry about heat problems in the main unit. So it allows for a more powerful performance boost while docked. And since it would be around from the very beginning it would hopefully be used more.

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