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So maybe Spring Man will disappear as an assist trophy.  Then I have my fingers crossed Bomberman could be a real character.  I still want him in the game.

My 5 characters I would love to see:

1) Arms Character
2) Bomberman
3) Mike Jones (Star Tropics)
4) Popeye (Look it is a long shot, but man that would be Amazing for the history of it.)
5) Jill (Drill Doser)
6) Tails/Doctor Robotonik. But honestly Doctor Robotonik could just be a boss battle. 

5 seasons and a movie

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: April 02, 2020, 01:05:56 AM »
Hey Thanks BnM.  Good to hear my adopted home is doing better than my real home...actually no it is still depressing.  But seriously, South Korea has been crazy good on this this.

1) They decided to go with the first test made available even before it was fully tested a German test...then when better tests arrived and they developed their own tests then they changed and retested those that did the first test.

2) Every sort of test available.  Drive-thru, Walk-Thru, Testing sites away from hospitals. 

3) Daily reports.  When a new case in your area pops up, you get a text message, telling where that case lives, and a list a places they were for the last week so you can know if you were in the same locations as them.  Then if you were in the same locations you can get tested for free. 

4) A promise from the government to take care of you if you are sick and quarantined this includes foreigners and Koreans.

5) Strict rules now are in place.  If you do not self quarantine when you arrive in the country you can be put in jail or deported.

6) South Korea is taking a very aggressive hands on approach...and it is working, and guess what.  Things are not closed.  People are going out to eat and shop.  People are living normal lives and working. But everyone washes their hands and wears face masks, clothes ones are good enough.  Plus, nobody is panicking and buying all the toilet paper here.

I wonder if it is possible for Nintendo to use the engine for Super Mario Odyssey and then just place new level assets from the old games. Potentially using textures from the new games to make it look all pretty?  Personally I would love for moved like Mario’s sliding down walls to be added to 64 to help gameplay and bring a more consistent play style to the Mario 3D games.

Man, I would love this to be true. 

If they just made Super Mario 64 HD with DS add ons, and Super Mario Sunshine with a Blue Coin Radar I would be all in.  Both games are perfection or near perfection. 

I could see them selling them as double packs.  Super Mario 64 and Sunshine HD double pack.  And then the 2 Galaxy Games HD double pack.  Finally, The Super Mario World (3DS and Wii U) HD double packs.

That would be crazy awesome.

Then if you could hire someone to do an HD remake of Super Mario All-Stars that is as tight as the Wonder Boy remakes then Nintendo would have updated most of the Super Mario games to be future proof and ageless classics.

I am personally really happy about the inclusion of an ARMS combatant.  I know it is a new franchise and people are may want a more popular character, but personally it is a Nintendo franchise, and it is a character that can add a very different fighting style. 

I imagine long reaching attacks that are powerful, but if you miss you are left open.  Special moves could be based on the different gloves, and obviously recover is hookshot like mechanics seems like a fun character to me.  And if the rumors are true that they will add several characters from the franchise via different skins that is even more fun. 

At this point Dixie wouldn’t add much. And we have 3 kongs. I don’t need any more characters from franchises represented. I want franchises that haven’t been represented. Give me Drill Dozer, Custom Robo, Bomberman (personal favorite) Random F-Zero character with skins for other characters. And other back catalog

What's wrong with Alan Horn?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The official NWR joycon graveyard.
« on: February 25, 2020, 05:43:13 PM »
I have been worried about my joy cons since getting the system.  I think one thing that hasn't been explored in this thread is how people are using their switches.  Are they traveling with them a lot?  Are they using carrying cases?  Are they playing intense analog stick games like Smash Bros?  Are they playing several multiplayer games and require constant removal of placing back of the joy cons?  All of this data affects the life of the controllers, and although they should be stronger and last longer no matter makes we wonder how likely my gaming habits are going to affect the life of my controllers.

I mean it is interesting a new head will change things up.

Although everything is stated that needs to be stated about the DC Marvel thing.  I aways thought, that DC should take a very different approach to their comic universe. 

My idea would be to create creative teams that are in charge of telling stories involving groups of characters. 

Like a Gotham & Bludhaven series that has a strong panel of artists are writers working together that tells a year long story that involves any characters from he Batman Universe.  It would a single comic series that comes out one a week, and they might focus on Batman for a few issues move to side characters or subplots in the world, but really treat it like a novel or real world.  If a character gets hurt sideline them for awhile to heal. 

The same could be done for the Super Family.

The Titans and Young Justice.

Finally a big universe spreading single Justice Comic.

Anyway, having such few comics would help increase sales and then all these teams could have synergy working together.  There would be no need for event comics anymore, because if Batman is in the Justice League comic for a mission he pops out of the Gotham series and let's his team handle things.  Basically really making the world feel alive.

There is no way AT&T would sell off DC Comics, there is too much money to be had there.  However, corporations are pretty stupid, and AT&T could have never seen value in DC Comics and therefore might be willing to shed that part of Time Warner because they never wanted that to begin with.

That said, I do know that in the latest Count Down to Dooms Day comic Dr. Manhattan makes mention of Superman defeating Thor with the help of a Green Monster.  That is obviously a reference to the Marvel Universe.  So this could be just a crossover even that both Marvel and DC are going to work together to develop.  I think it would be fun to have a single comic universe with all these characters, but in the end.  The DC World and Marvel World just don't really mix, and they have several characters that are basically the same character just in different context.  That said, it would be really fun to see the symbol of pure Hope (Superman) in the Marvel universe.  I think even Captain America would be annoyed with his Boy Scott optimism. 

Movies & TV / Re: Batman Movies
« on: February 21, 2020, 03:24:53 PM »
It looks like the cape may be all CGI.  Personally, I really like that suit as it is, in that I could go without a cape, since everyone knows they are completely not functional in real life.  The arm thing is strange, but if they have a function then it might make more sense.  I also really like that motorcycle.  It seems like a modified real motorcycle instead of a weapon built from the ground up.

TalkBack / Re: Vitamin Connection (Switch) Review
« on: February 20, 2020, 06:53:50 PM »
I was on the fence for this game until I saw the trailer.  Then I was really sad they didn't come up with a multiplayer version of this game.  This seems like a great game to have a couple of online competitive/cooperative modes. 

Somebody named their daughter Harley Quinn for real?  Worst parents evar.

Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« on: February 14, 2020, 04:30:14 PM »
Will they be bad guys or will they be rivals?  I mean that article says evil, but really, think about the plot of the Mighty Ducks a ragtag group make it as a hockey team.  They aren't just good but great...of course they would be sucked into the culture of that environment.  If anything this can really talking about competitive sports and the friends it can form and destroy.  Sounds like an interesting movie...

Movies & TV / Re: Batman Movies
« on: February 13, 2020, 04:56:19 PM »
Hmmm. I dunno what I think about that test.

That is a good point the marketing was so bad I didn’t know either.

I saw someone write about it. Basically they said it was completely mismarketed. And they blame it on the R rating because the character isn’t Deadpool. She appeals to several age groups and genders. The R rating kept alot of potential viewers from the show. The marketing as a birds of prey movie which it isn’t. Also is a problem. Also Harley Quinn’s first outing with almost zero joker is foolish. She can be her own woman. But at least the Harley Quinn cartoon understood she has to earn it and work through her abuse and trauma from joker.  Finally they said the story isn’t ambitious or special. It is basic. Well DC movies should be character driven and anything but basic.

Spider-verse 2.

9.99 a month?  Nope. Never.

The action is just too slow and the fight just doesn’t seem to have any power or weight to it. In theory I like the camera work and the clear action shots but something is off.

Movies & TV / Re: Batman Movies
« on: January 31, 2020, 02:45:59 AM »
I just don't get it.  Hmmm...

Is Paladins worth playing? 

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The official NWR joycon graveyard.
« on: January 29, 2020, 02:52:35 PM »
I hope that with the Switch Pro and Nintendo's next system Nintendo gets back to making insanely good build qualities.  I am almost shocked that this is Nintendo we are talking about.  The company that used to have some of the best (indestructible) hardware and controllers on the market.  Now this just makes it sad.  I wonder if it is the size of the controllers, like Nintendo was afraid getting bigger or wider would hurt the overall feel on the console in handheld mode.  but it is sad that the controllers are failing.

I am hoping Captain Marvel 2 is better than the first. Personally my arc for a trilogy would be she now goes against the central intelligence crippling it which throws the galactic powers outta wack. Third movie is Skrull Secret Wars and is kinda like a Captain America Civil War movie with a huge cast.

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