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I am hoping Captain Marvel 2 is better than the first. Personally my arc for a trilogy would be she now goes against the central intelligence crippling it which throws the galactic powers outta wack. Third movie is Skrull Secret Wars and is kinda like a Captain America Civil War movie with a huge cast.

Shorty, I am really excited then, because I thought season 2 was a huge improvement over season 1.  My theory of television is season 1 is always a throw away season.  So if Season 3 is good. I will be happy.  As it is I will say the best live action super hero season I have seen was season 2 of The Arrow. 

I have just started Season 3 of the Runaways, and although parts of the series is quite cheesy, it is never to the level of Arrowverse cheesy.  Ironically I find the parent's story and drama more interesting that the kids.  I am really curious what will happen with this season as it appears to have 2 main story arcs going to happen and it is unfortunately the series finale...but honestly this series lived and died on the family Pride drama you can't milk that forever.  3 seasons for a complete story arc is pretty good honestly.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: January 19, 2020, 04:05:29 PM »
Oohboy:  You are right script is important.  Have a direction, trust the creative team and let them complete the project.  Jumping teams, not have a 3 movie completed script was stupid.

The one thing I might disagree with you on is the PT (I am assuming PT is the prequel trilogy). I actually think the Prequel trilogy's overall arching story was great and a true trilogy.  However, Lucas should have had help writing the movie and the dialog and the pacing.  He went at it alone which was foolish.  Disney has teams of writers that are collaborating a building their animated empire movies.  When was the last Disney animated movie 100% trash?  They haven't been, because they take their time.  (Pixar is another story I don't know what happened there.)  But I would take a remake of the prequel trilogy with good dialog over this new trilogy. 

Now, though I really want to know where do you stop Rogue One?  Or when do you start it? Since you treat it like a short film. 

What I saw showed Byleth to play real differently from other characters.  His recovery doesn't seem that great at first, but I do like the fact that he can hook and pull other players down, and that might be really cool for recovery purposes and attack.  His specials make him feel more like a Link mixed with Fire Emblem, the archery aspects are nice.  And I honestly like the idea of playing with all of fire emblems weapon classes.  I kinda wish we had another variety type as a full fighter though.  I would have loved the idea of a true Axe Fighter, True Sword Fighter, and True Spear Fighter...but then they are still swinging a weapon so would it really be that different?

Nickmitch:  That is what I was thinking.  I have always played Smash for the Single player experience first and for most.  I loved Melee's Adventure mode, and I am sure I will tackle more of the Spirits adventure mode after finishing the Classic mode with all characters.  But Break the target was a fun special treat.  It made Smash Bros like a puzzle game, a racing game, and a speed run game all at once for the regular gamer.  It would extend the gameplay and replay value of Ultimate even further. 

Yeah ideally you would have a different puzzle for each character.  Though that may be too much, so I could see them building types of levels.  Something like one for floating types, one for Fire Emblem Types, etc...

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: January 18, 2020, 06:05:49 PM »
It was really stupid to give the trilogy to 2 different creative teams. They should have spent 2 years writing three perfect scripts and connecting tissue then just hired a director to film all three. Hell film them all at once because you know you will make the money back. Then you would have had a true trilogy which honestly there aren’t many true examples of in cinema. Matrix, Back to the Future, Star Wars both trilogies. There are movies with sequels but not trilogies.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: January 18, 2020, 06:28:23 AM »
That leaked script may have been a first draft. Much could have been ironed out to make it better.

I want a massive break the target dlc mode.   I would pay 9.99 for that.

So Nintendo has handled Fighter games basically like any other franchise.  I must say that 2 seasons is basically like getting a brand new Smash Bros game.  Honestly 11 new characters and balance tweaks would be a new fighting game.  This game really makes me wonder if this really is the last Smash Bros Sakuri will make...and if it is, will we just get graphical upgrades later, though honestly it doesn't need it.

What was the surprise cameo?  Also, I am still curious about it.  Is it remotely possible to watch it and understand without watching any of the shows?

Or it could be that the character is basically ready and will be released this week so, they are showing everything. 

TalkBack / Re: The State of Mario Kart Tour
« on: January 15, 2020, 04:52:53 AM »
The controls did it for me too.  The basic controls were just not fun, and then the advanced controls were just too hard to figure out.  Then the game felt too much like gambling...or forcing for money.

There are many Nintendo Characters that I would like to see added, but I kinda want to wait for the Nintendo franchise characters to be added in the second wave of DLC.  3rd party characters are harder to guess.  Characters I thought they might go with like Tails and such are not included and don't seem big enough to be a DLC character. 

I think I would like to see an Advance Wars character as the final DLC.  I know that is technically a Nintendo franchise so that should go into my second wave of DLC, but Advance Wars is under-represented and it could be a strange character with calling troops to battle for him.  much like Pokemon trainer.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: January 13, 2020, 06:59:22 PM »
I think the PT/Clone Wars period made a mistake of having it too close together with the OT. 

The idea that Jedi's highest most respected period and their fall and galaxy that thinks they are a forgot relic of a religion is too short.  It really hurt the story.  The Prequel Series should have been about the clone war and the rise of the Empire, but it should not have been about the origin of Darth Vader.  Or at least if it was, they could have just let people live much longer lives in this universe and had it take place 100 to 150 years in the past. 

However, that said, I do like the world of the PT trilogy.  I like the idea of the Jedi being elite generals protecting the galaxy, and this dark force lurking in the shadows manipulating events and politics for the benefits.  The struggle of how to bring order to the world in a good way with peace and order, or the dark side of chaos, fear, control and order is an interesting world. 

George Lucas didn't do a great job of portraying it, however, it wasn't horrible. 

I have to say Sony, might be on to something interesting.  Hero movies have a problem of almost always under developing their villains.  If you can write villain origin Stories that are interesting and spend the time to make a villain that people can care about but recognize they are evil...then it makes the genre better and stronger. 

What I can tell from the trailer.

1) Has the feel of the recent DC movies.  It embraces the characters and the weirdness of them, but also is just a little off from doing them right.  Like I know who the cast is, but I look at them and say Nope.

2) Highly stylized fight scenes, that are completely not grounded and silly.  However, the little action we get in this trailer looks like it could be fun.

3) The raid on the police station being completely none lethal is either going to make or break the movie.  If it is high energy and funny, which they seem to be trying to do...then I think it will be great.  If it comes across as cheap or just silly, then it is going to hurt.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: January 11, 2020, 06:01:50 AM »
Rebels has a few really great episodes and lore, but it was so filled with such bad episodes that it wasn't worth the series...and some of the stuff people have said is the cool stuff is just not.  The new Star Wars Cartoon I couldn't even get through one episode it looked and felt that bad.

Different beast.  PS4 Slim was just a PS4 release model.  PS4 Pro was launched longer into the life of the PS4.  But I do remember people wondering if it was necessary, and the trust is, it wasn't.  PS4 Pro didn't extend the life of the PS4 brand or a Switch Pro won't either.  The best thing Nintendo can do moving forward is to just make sure download games and accounts will always be backwards compatible and try to support a system for as long as it is feasibly profitable to do so.  Wii U was a failure so ending that generation early made sense.  But the Switch is a success and people are not worried about it's power, so keep it going for another year or 2 before releasing a Pro....or never release the Pro and when the PS5 drops just drop the Switch price to be like super affordable.

Man I have never played Splatoon 2 and I would love to play it.  However, at the same time I know Mario Kart 8 is supposed to be the best Mario Kart created.  Hmmm...I can only get one game.  Then there is also Bomber Man R that I am looking at. 


I don't know why they bother to block something once it's been leaked, it is leaked.  Anyway, so it.  I dunno, looks like it is basically Suicide Squad 2, but with brighter colors...and perhaps better comedy.  I like that DC is willing to just get outlandish and weird with some of their properties.

I have played the original and the DX version.  If you are going to play the retro game, go for the DX version as it adds 1 dungeon and is just a better experience with the color and presentation. 

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: January 08, 2020, 01:26:57 AM »
The problem I had with Rebels is that it felt too much like a cartoon.  The series just doesn't feel like it is grounded.  Which is frustrating, because some of the stories and characters are interesting and play with the Star Wars Lore in fun and interesting ways, however, stuff like helicopter light saber flying is so silly.  I mean just let them force jump or force fly, but the other is crazy stuff.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: January 07, 2020, 03:14:16 AM »
This makes me wonder what everyones ranks of the main Saga are. 

Here is mine:
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Star Wars
Phantom Menace
The Force Awakens
Revenge of the Sith
Attack of the Clones
The Last Jedi

I have not seen RoS, but I will probably put it above Attack of the Clones and The Last Jedi. 

Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« on: January 07, 2020, 03:08:11 AM »
That is crazy.  Disney + seems to following that Netflix magic of bringing back good franchises.  I don't remember Willow, but I remember as a kid it terrified me.

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