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Steven Kent on the Slow Launch

by Justin Nation - September 14, 2001, 3:46 pm EDT
Source: MSNBC

Steven Kent writes up his own thoughts and perspective on the launch and its lack of overwhelming enthusiasm. Oh, and it has some quotes by some weirdo...

Steven Kent, the mainstream press's favorite Nintendo evangelist (or is that only?) has written up his summation of the Nintendo launch. While he tries to paint the positives there is certainly a hint to the odd lack of people going wild when compared to most major hardware launches and Kent, too, comes to the point many have cited: A lack of Mario makes for a lack of interest.

Oh, and among the people he talks to in the industry he manages to get some quotes out of a sleep-deprived and insane American... boy, what people will do just to get a game system early.

Many thanks to reader Lee Parnell for the heads up!

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