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Quantum Writability

by Mike Sklens - June 30, 2000, 9:48 pm PDT
Source: Gamespot

Quantum talks to the companies about selling their wares.

Nintendo seem to actively support the concept of writability when it comes to videogames, as seen with the Japan only 64-DD (even thoguh its a failure). Some say that Nintendo's decision to go with DVD with Project Dolphin was to avoid the mistakes they made in their past and to regain it's third party support. Respected company Quantum Corporation's hard drive devision is actively pursuing the big four (Sony, Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft) about the inclusion of their new QuickView audio/video hard drive technology in the companies upcoming consoles. "We have been in negotiations with the big four console companies - Sony, Sega, Nintendo, and Microsoft - about our storage technology. Some discussions are far enough along where we are talking about specific price quotes, and with the Quantum QuickView hard-drives, developers can start to include video and robust audio into their entertainment software products." Said the marketing manager at Quantum, "With CE-class hard-drives, players can have infinitely more choices. A hard-drive for console platforms not only can provide data protection, but it also can enhance the gaming environment."

Nintendo are known for actively looking at all possible paths when creating a console so these talks could turn out to be nothing more than just that, talks. Quantum don't seem to know the videogame industry as well as companies like Nintendo as they have no console or game development experience, and something like a hard drive will not make games more enjoyable. It's what the companies themselves do with this technology, and developers like Nintendo's EAD could do wonders with sometihng as simple as writability.

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