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Mario Interview Riddles

by Billy Berghammer - April 26, 2000, 3:24 pm PDT

A humourous Nintendo Power "interview" with Mario. Is-a-bella.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power (May, 2000) there is an excellent E3 2000 preview. I wasn't expecting to see any major Dolphin news in there. There was one interesting thing to note. Nintendo Power interviews a few of the major Nintendo mascots like Mario, Professor Oak, Banjo, and Link. Mario's interview did have 2 interesting questions, and answers...

NP: Looking to the future, are you and Mr. Miyamoto going to collaborate on Dolphin and Game Boy Advance titles?

Mario: Mr. M, he-a says we can't say just yet. But I tell you-a this, I think all of the Dolphin and Advance games gonna be tied together like one-a big family. Is-a bella.

NP: Isabella?

Mario: It means it's-a going to be beautiful.

Well, okay, the latter question isn't that thrilling. So does this just mean (which we already speculated)that the Dolphin and the GBA will interact the same way the N64 via tranfer pak works? Or could it mean more? "But I tell you-a this, I think all of the Dolphin and Advance games gonna be tied together like one-a big family" seems like a really cool concept, if you put all of the Mario characters in the mix. Taking one character from one game, building say, Luigi's experience up in the next Mario World title, and then transferring him into the next Mario Kart title, and say that allows him to throw shells more accurately. How about making Peach an unstoppable force in the Dolphin Smash Bros. title makes her play a better round of Dolphin Mario Golf. Ohhhh....me mind is a buzzin' with a million different variations that you could do. I didn't even bring the GBA game ideas into the mix either! Heh! In a way it would be a lot like the way Mario Golf for N64/GBA works. Transferring characters back and forth, as you build them up in each game. This may be just a way far fetched concept...but it could happen. It could be the ultimate Mario-ish RPG. I realize that is a lot of speculation, but you know damn well Miyamoto is cookin' something sweet in the big N's almighty kitchen. Please let us know more at E3!! What do you think this means? Hit up the comments area. Ahhh...the pre-E3 specualtion continues! And yes Mario, we know it's going to be beautiful.

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