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H20 to do the Dolphin

by Kosta Andreadis - March 21, 2000, 1:18 am PST
Source: Nintendorks

Nintendorks speak with H20 about future Dolphin projects, we've got the summarized statement here...

Reading the Dorks recent excellent interview with developers H20 discussing their upcoming N64 RPG Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage it became apparent that the company may have a title in the works for the Dolphin. We say might have because the company has taken the familiar route of vagueness that is indicative of all Dolphin developers at this current point in time. Interviewer Scott Fink asked the right questions but credit is given to H20 to at least providing a good read.

Are games being planned for the Dolphin from H2O? If so, any RPG's?

A. Brown: Speaking for THQ, it's a little early to say. THQ traditionally supports all successful consoles, so it certainly seems like a possibility in the future, but there are no concrete plans we can reveal at this time.

Ian: Sorry, no comment on that. There is a lawyer standing right behind me that will shove some kind of contract down my throat if I say anything! What I can say is that we have some amazing art talent and game technology developed that is just waiting to take off given the opportunity. Watch out!

What's your opinion of the Dolphin's hardware from what's been revealed?

A. Brown: I'd like to see some games before I make that call. It sounds very promising, though.

Ian: I think that the system is gonna rock! Traditionally, Nintendo has been the last to release their hardware which is more powerful than the competition's. It will meet or exceed the PS 2 as far as hardware is concerned. I just hope that they don't make the same mistakes this time that they did the last time. They should open up development for the platform a little more. You can't expect people to buy the console if there isn't a wide range of applications to choose from. Nintendo's initial audience is growing older while the content hasn't matured with them. There is only so much Mario Party and Pikachu that a guy can take! In other words, let the developers have more control over the content of the game and make it more accessible to develop for the platform.

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