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Sony Issues Recall for PS2

by Steven Thomas - March 30, 2000, 3:32 pm PST
Source: ON24.COM

Nelson: Ha ha!

This just reported by ON24.COM .. Sony recalls 1.2 million software discs (there .. happy?) due to the problems with the DVD software, and the fact that users can punch in certain keypad sequences during boot up to allow the unit to play foreign movies not intended for the Japanese market.

Sony intends on offering an incentive to get customers to exchange the discs (yea, right!) .. by offering "upgraded sound capabilities" made possible by the replacement software. What is this? Upgraded firmware that get's flashed to the unit with the new disc? Please.

It is unknown at this time how much this will cost Sony. Even though discs are relatively cheap to produce, there is the added development time for the patched software to consider, the reimbursement to retailers Sony will probably have to pay to cover their inconvenience in handling the exchange, shipping costs.

Losing face in the industry ... priceless.

The question is, will Sony be able to recover from this? Will this prove to be a serious advantage for Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft? We shall see ..

A better link confirming this can be found on FGNONLINE, at: 1.25 Million PS2 Software Units Recalled

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