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Garfield Coming to DS

by Jon Lindemann - May 9, 2006, 7:19 am EDT
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If there's one cat that needs dual screens, it's this one.



New titles offer gaming for PlayStation®2™, Nintendo DS™ and PC platforms

Brabrand, Denmark — (May 9th. 2006) — THE GAME FACTORY today announced that it will release its new title, “Garfield 2", across the PlayStation 2, PC, and Nintendo DS platforms. Based on “Garfield 2" - the sequel of “Garfield the Movie"- the title will allow gamers of all ages to interact and play through some of the most exciting scenes of the movie.

The lazy, lasagna-loving, cynical cat named Garfield was created by Jim Davis in 1978 and has appeared in over 2600 newspapers worldwide, garnered 4 Emmy awards and starred in numerous cartoon shows. In 2004, Garfield had his debut on the big screen, and “Garfield the Movie" became a $200 million international box office success. The sequel, “Garfield 2" is planned for release this summer. Garfield's vast empire stretches into 111 countries, and includes a popular web site, www.garfield.com.

“Garfield the Movie was one of the top 25 highest grossing films of 2004 so we are confident that a worldwide audience of fans will welcome the chance to play video games based on the upcoming sequel film," says Henrik Mathiasen, Chief Executive Officer of THE GAME FACTORY. “We are thrilled to continue our productive partnership with Paws, Inc."

Delivering a high-quality gaming experience across all platforms, “Garfield 2" will be available as:

• Garfield – (PlayStation®2) – Garfield has managed to take a trip to London, by hiding himself in the luggage of his owner, Jon Arbuckle. Players are asked to help Garfield overcome obstacles and finish exciting missions while fighting opponents, solving puzzles, and participating in racing and flying challenges! Fun tempo missions ask the player to listen to the music and help Garfield dance to the rhythm. Varying levels of difficulty allows players to enjoy hours of re-playability. Ages 7+;

• Garfield – (Nintendo DS™) – The game takes full advantage of the newest Nintendo DS abilities such as the Dual Screen and the microphone. Game play is a mix of fun platform activities, puzzles, sliding challenges and mazes. Players can see the game through Garfield’s eyes by using the First Person View, or even compete in Timed Mode to beat their own or record level time. Ages 7+;

• Garfield – (PC) – While overcoming similar obstacles as the PlayStation 2 game, fans both young and old can enjoy Garfield in this story of adventure and teamwork. Game play is available with varying levels of difficulty and each of the playing areas provides eight missions that include solving puzzles and fighting opponents. Ages 7+


NephilimMay 09, 2006

Garfield DS= bunch of bad mini games

SlayerZeroMay 09, 2006

Garfield + Videogame = even worse idea than Garfield + Movie

KDR_11kMay 09, 2006

"One week of Garfield".

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