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16: Megaton Announcement

by Mike Orlando - December 2, 2002, 8:33 am EST

Duck and cover..

Goombas 16: Megaton Announcement

Well, now that Dragon Quest 8 is out of the picture (it was announced for the PS2 earlier this week), we're back to guessing. Could Nintendo be buying Sega, Capcom, or Namco? How about all three of them? Will the announcement just be the revealing of Pokemon or Mario Kart Online? Or maybe they're suing Sony, and we're going to be playing our Nintendo Playstation's in a couple years! Perhaps there really will be a game featuring Mario, Sonic, and Megaman? And those pigs we've always been talking about, now would be a better time than ever for them to fly out of my ass!

But hey, after Square, Sega, and Namco developing for Nintendo, Rare getting bought by Microsoft, and now Square and Enix merging, there's just no way I can say for certain that any of the above mentioned rumors are factually incorrect. Even the Nintendo Playstation thing, as absolutely absurd as the thesis might be, if not impossible, the events that have transpired this year have taught me to wait and see what happens before declaring anything.

Or at least until Louie opens his stinking mouth.


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