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12: Acclaim

by Mike Orlando - November 3, 2002, 3:18 pm EST

Turok Berghammer, Turok Metts, Turok Powers..

Goombas 12: Acclaim

Before you get the distinct impression that I hate Acclaim or something, don't, because I do not hate them. Acclaim does publish a few great games (the Burnout and Dave Mirra series being my personal favorites), and I am not discounting those games in this recent strip.

But their marketing department... man. That's a bit of another story there. Granted, if many people had their first name changed to 'Turok', it would make things more interesting. I, for one, think a state of the union address by Turok Bush would make for captivating television.

Anyway, this is the first of what will be many quasi-company profiles/related strips. So once again, I'm not picking on Acclaim here, despite focusing the last two comics on them and their games. So all of you Acclaim lovers (yes, all of you), don't fret. They'll be out of the spotlight of detriment before you know it!


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