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13: NHL 2003

by Mike Orlando - November 10, 2002, 3:36 pm EST

And what's the deal with shoulder pads..

Goombas 13: NHL 2003

As NHL 2003 was developed in my city, EA Canada decided to use some local talent for the normal and color commentary in Jim Hughson and Don Taylor. Here in Vancouver, Hughson is used to call Canucks games, whereas Taylor serves as a sports anchor for one of the major (Canadian) networks' late night Pacific shows. Hughson has always been my favorite commentator in the game, and Taylor is a great personality as well.

But holy burger flipping Zeus, their commentary in NHL is just horrible! And not horrible in the sense that their voices don't go well together, or their words are out of synch, but just the dialogue they're reading.. It honestly sounds more like an Abbot and Costello routine than a calling of a hockey game. Unfortunately, that's only one of the many flaws present in NHL 2003, but I'll save that for the review, which should be up within the next couple days.


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