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4: Super Monkey Ball

by Mike Orlando - September 8, 2002, 1:57 pm EDT

Monkeys = Comedy, folks. It's just that simple.

Goombas 4: Super Monkey Ball

Can't play Super Monkey Ball 2... Must draw weekly strip.. for the good of man... manki.... ah &*(@$ it, Monkey Dogfight ahoy!

Oh, and just to make sure there isn't any confusion on the subject, this week's strip is based solely on Super Monkey Ball 1, reserving my right to do a future strip on SMB2, should I choose to. And I will. GonGon alone brings up a plethora of comedic options.. throw in Dr Bad-Boon.. Ei Ei Poo.. it will come.

You know what to do; orlando@planetgamecube.com

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