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5: Resident Evil

by Mike Orlando - September 15, 2002, 3:38 pm EDT

Look at that, I didn't even mention the control scheme..

Goombas 5: Resident Evil

What an interesting week it's turned out to be, eh? Just lying around, trying to find that 110th shine, playing some Monkey Baseball with a friend, laying back-*BAM! Rare's a Microsoft 2nd Party!* While I certainly can't claim that Rare departing from Nintendo's bosom was a sudden shock, it was quite surprising to see them get bought by Microsoft.

My opinion on what happened? Who cares what my opinion on Rare leaving is? When someone asks me, "Hey Mike, what do you think of Rare becoming XBox exclusive", I'll give my opinion. All in all, Animal Crossing is going to hit early this upcoming week, Battlefield 1942 is going to consume hours of my life, and of course Star Fox Adventures will arrive about a week later. Oh, and of course the work that must be accomplished here, at PGC, will get done..

As usual, whether you'd like to voice your opinion on the comic or.. actually, just the comic, you know the procedure. orlando@planetgamecube.com

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