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11: Turok Evolution

by Mike Orlando - October 27, 2002, 4:51 pm EST

Hey, lets arrest the Pope, he has something to do with God..

Goombas 11: Turok Evolution

Does DOOM even have a sniper rifle in it? I mean, come on, someone could have at least blamed Silent Scope or something. Using DOOM as a potential reason to the sniper's motives is akin to blaming the common cold on anteaters. I expect to see 20/20's headline story covering on the dangers of anteaters, and the thousands that have suffered because of their malevolent, cold-creating snouts. I'm counting on you, Barbara.

As for Turok Evolution, it's a pretty damned incomplete game. Am I missing something? Is late August/early September some big splurging time period for gamers? I doubt delaying the game a month or two (in time for the horrible lull that is the Christmas shopping period) would've hurt overall sales that much. Ah well.


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