Planet GameCube's E3 2002 Thank yous!

Jonathan Metts's thank yous

by the NWR Staff - May 31, 2002, 2:34 pm PDT

  • Billy, for setting all this up, keeping the Planet dream alive, and being a great babysitter despite his every intention.

  • Rick, for always being full of energy, yet still in control and responsible enough to handle our big crazy staff.

  • Mike Hrusecky, who got screwed out of his own trip to E3 but still came through with incredible support from home.

  • Adam Kontras, for being such a workhorse at the show and then giving up the rest of your week for our DVD.

  • Mike Sklens, for being incredibly cool on the plane flights.

  • Matt Hogan, for keeping me sane for two years in a row. I hope you had fun man.

  • Daniel, for setting us up with the Star Wars digital showing and also the great karaoke bar.

  • Windy, for driving me around LA, even if you did get lost a few times.

  • Everyone on the PGC staff for doing an amazing job and sticking it together through a very strenuous and hectic week. You guys astonish me time and time again. It's worth the heartbreak of having once-a-year friends if they are as fun as you all are.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto, for being insanely gracious and even pronouncing my name, which made my heart skip a beat or three. You are a genius and deserve every ounce of recognition you get. When I watched the video of your message to PGC, I wasn't just overwhelmed by the humor and novelty of it, but also the incomprehensible idea that you might reciprocate some of the fanatical admiration and love that we have for you.

  • Satoru Iwata, for being the coolest NCL president of all time. We all hoped in our hearts that it would be you.

  • Nintendo of America and Golin-Harris, especially Perrin Kaplan, Beth Llewelyn, Chris Olmstead, and Tom Stratton, for being wonderfully helpful and kind throughout the show.

  • Retro Studios, for proving everyone wrong. Big time.

  • LucasArts, for giving us the best E3 appointment I've ever had, period. I wish your booth were open so everyone else (and especially other publishers) could see it done the right way. Plus, your games kick ass.

  • All the PR staff at various publishers who were so helpful leading up to and during the show. Sometimes you guys and gals give me major headaches, but in the end it's all worth it, and I look forward to continue working with you throughout the year.

  • Steven Kent, for being exactly like I imagined you would be. Keep in touch man.

  • Adam Sessler, for always seeming to be in the same place at the same time as us, and being friendly each and every time.

  • Craig Harris, for putting up with me at the roundtable.

  • Dan Hsu, for being kind to a fanboy.

  • And finally, to all the PGC readers, who put up with slower load times and extra ads to get the coverage we tried so hard to provide. You people prove that people do want free, enthusiastic, (mostly) professional E3 coverage...and the fact that you want to get it from us is simultaneously flattering and humbling. I am deeply touched both by the people who approached me on the floor with kind words and also everyone who simply offered their presence and clicks. If the DVD proves anything, I hope it's that we really do this for you. If I died tomorrow, I could rest peacefully knowing that this website is my legacy, because it's bigger than all of us who make it, and it's our collective gift to you. And it's one I love to give.

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