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GameCube FAQ


by the NWR Staff - March 1, 2001, 2:21 am EST

Get back to MetroWERK!



What’s Metrowerks about? What is the company’s History?

Metrowerks’ humble beginnings can be traced back to Montreal, Canada, where the company was founded in 1985. Within ten years, the company had moved its HQ to Austin, Texas, established offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, India and Tokyo & became an independently operating subsidiary of Motorola in September of 1999.

Metrowerks is best recognized for its CodeWarrior development tools, a brand notorious to practically become a standard within the industry. CodeWarrior's cross-platform compilers support C, C++, Java and assembly programming languages. CodeWarrior is used by over 200,000 developers around the world. Like with Applied Microsystems, Nintendo sought out one of the industry’s best toolmakers in Metrowerks.

Metrowerks has strengthened its position as an industry leader through strategic partnerships with major industry players including Apple Computer, Microsoft® Corporation, Sun Microsystems®, and Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. CodeWarrior's open architecture allows new languages and computing platforms to be added to its IDE with relative ease. As a result, emerging markets benefit from the large number of developers already using CodeWarrior.

What is Metrowerks’s Involvement with Nintendo and the GameCube?

As one might suspect, Nintendo have commissioned Metrowerks to design a customized version of CodeWorks software development tools for Nintendo GameCube. Essentially, the tools compile written code so that it can be used with the GameCube and make it very easy for programmers to get a lot done.

"Our [GameCube]-specific CodeWarrior will streamline the [Gamecube] game development process giving designers ease of use and the ability to access the unique features of the [Gamecube] system and the Gekko chip," explained Greg Galanos, President and Chief Technology Officer of Metrowerks. "We're pleased to work with Nintendo on this important hardware system and look forward to the results of this partnership."

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