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GameCube FAQ

Hardware Accessories

by the NWR Staff - March 7, 2001, 2:44 am EST

Along with games, another defining aspect of any video game system is its hardware peripherals. Here's a look at what's slated for NGC.

What Accessories are Being Planned for GameCube?

Nintendo is planning several peripheral accessories for GameCube. This section of the FAQ details what is known about each of them.

Nintendo GameCube Digicard

This is your basic all-purpose memory card. It is made of 4 megabits of flash memory. Nintendo claim that the memory card design has taken the NGC’s play environment into account considerably.

SD Digicard

This adapter is compatible with the stamp-sized, large capacity recording media, SD Memory Card (64MB) being proposed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.

Since its earliest versions, this FAQ speculated that Nintendo might utilize a rewritable media with its next system, providing the possibilities and philosophies of the 64DD add-on. Nintendo have confirmed our archaic suspicions with the announcement of this rewritable card.

The SD Memory Card would allow a significant increase of additional save data over the 4 MB Flash card. There are also GBA functions in the works for the SD Digicard. It might turn out to be yet another bridge between the GameCube and GBA.

Modem Adapter

Manufactured by Conexant, this modem adapter is compatible with 56Kbps, V. 90 online modems.

Broadband Adapter

This online adapter is also provided by Conexant and will support connection to a broadband network for those lucky enough to sport DSL.

Wavebird Wireless Controller

Nintendo will be releasing a wireless controller RF device that will allow wireless gaming for a distance up to 10 meters—plenty of room to go wild. Read more about this in the Controller section.

Digital Video Cable

Yes! It’s nice to see Nintendo supporting Digital TVs. The GameCube’s Digital Video Cable will support the uniform standardized D Terminal compatible with the advanced digital broadcasting environment. Nintendo has stated that it plans to release this as a color-coded component with three inputs.

Keyboard? Mouse?

Although there has been no word yet on a Nintendo keyboard or mouse for the GameCube, presumably, with Internet access the need for such peripherals will arise.

At the same time, as Nintendo is emphasizing the "GAME" in GameCube. It is intended to be used as a game machine, not a computer or web browser. Therefore, NGC may not have a keyboard and mouse at all.

Light Gun?

Although Nintendo became involved with video games by inventing virtual shooting galleries, there is currently no indication whatsoever that the NGC will have any light gun games, or consequently, any light gun peripherals.

Although a long requested and occasionally rumored item, a light gun for the N64 never materialized. Gun games are an almost controversial genre in America, so it will be interesting to see if any shooting games appear for NGC. Sega Dreamcast, which did have light guns released in Japan did not do so in the U.S.—Sega claimed there was no interest, though were trying to avoid bad publicity in lieu of school-shooting tragedies. It seems the shooting genre may be a casualty of this attention.

Visit our companion site, Don’t Blame Games for more information on this and other negative attention focused on the gaming industry.

Fishing Controller? Arcade Stick or other Special Controllers?

There are numerous possibilities for specialty controllers. Walt Disney’s Jungle Book Rhythm n’ Groove is coming to NGC, making a dancing pad possible. However, we have yet to hear of any specific devices outside of Nintendo’s accessories.

Will 3rd-Party Manufacturers Be Supporting GameCube?

Yes, MadCatz, Nykko, InterAct and others all plan to support both GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Currently, no specific items have been announced for either system by any of these companies.

Game Boy Advance

Scoff at us if you like. The Game Boy Advance is shaping up to be one part of the GameCube that you will not want to be without. Able to plug into the NGC as a controller, the GBA has limitless potential in its connections to GameCube and will truly be the first GameCube accessory released.

For more GBA info, consult our GBA FAQ.

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