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GameCube FAQ


by the NWR Staff - June 16, 2001, 1:39 pm EDT

The Purpose of this Document

This FAQ hopes to document all information and speculation surrounding Nintendo’s next video game system and provide answer questions people may have about it. Understanding everything that is going on is no easy task; the FAQ is here to help. The FAQ will certainly change over time, as the system's release draws closer and speculation is increasingly replaced with fact.

Legal Shiz

This FAQ cannot be reproduced without explicit permission from the author. A lot of time, energy, and research has gone into this FAQ, and plagiarism isn't cool, or legal. If you wish to reference this FAQ on your website, please provide proper credit, and an active link to Planet Gamecube.

FAQ History & Purpose

This FAQ is a resurrected version of the FAQ that appeared at the now-defunct “OperationN2k” a website founded by Justin Nation. The FAQ was the first of its kind and began documenting and speculating on Nintendo’s next system before Nintendo had officially confirmed it was in development. Unfortunately, due to hectic real-life obligations, the FAQ became out of date and shuffled off into the great beyond.

Since then, OperationN2000 closed its doors, only to be somewhat assimilated by longtime friends and associates, Planet Gamecube. In the meantime confirmed information pertaining to Nintendo’s next system has trickled out, with others eager to take up the cause of documenting and discovering all there is to know about Dolphin. Unfortunately, Nintendo has kept quiet and a great deal of information remains unknown about their next system, save for assurances from the “Big N” that it will be amazing.

E3 has come and gone, and with it the first look at playable GameCube titles is upon us. With the PS2 still going strong and Xbox's recent woes of late, there is still quite a bit of information that Nintendo has purposely kept in the dark. Spaceworld 2001 is the next great landmark for Nintendo fans. Is the system still worth waiting for? What the hell is Nintendo thinking? These are things I’ve been wondering about too. No matter how much I love Nintendo, they are predictably unpredictable, making them a frustrating entity to cover.

With admirable persuasion, Billy Berghammer has convinced me to resurrect the FAQ, and it seems like a good time to do so. The folks here at Planet Gamecube are just as excited about the GameCube as many of our readers. Possibly more. Therefore, the FAQ will contain any scrap of relevant information we can find; attempt to break down some of the ambiguity and make cautious, thorough speculations.

That’s the idea anyway! Wish us luck!

Credit Where It’s Due…

This FAQ is written, compiled and maintained by Max D. Lake. The following contributions of other Planet staffers are graciously acknowledged—without them (or the almighty power of caffeine) this FAQ would not be possible. Justin Nation has provided invaluable assistance with updating older material and editing pages as fast as I can turn them out. His time, wisdom and talent are welcomed additions to this project. Steven Thomas formatting (whenever we can surgically remove him from Diablo II) has been a force in and around the FAQ and has also pointed out aspects that I would have otherwise overlooked. Ty Shughart is saluted for assistance in gathering images for the FAQ, delivering far more than what I had expected—you da man, Ty. I’m also grateful for Desmond Gaban lending his vast RPG knowledge to various sections. Ravi Hiranand, Mikey Veroni, Aldo Merino (& many others) are friends I chat with who have answered my quick quips & helped the FAQ here & there. Another pal, Msties Anonymous Poohbah from Msties.com and Nintendojo.com helped out a lot in tracking down some obscure dates (surprising me, since I didn’t ask him) for the Squaresoft section. Hi-keeba! Hardcore props to the godawful rock of 44 & Morphic Resonance for helping keep me possessed. Most of all, thanks goes to Billy Berghammer for encouraging me to get this thing online again and allowing me to do it better than I had ever imagined.

A final shout out goes to all our comrades out in the trenches, trying to cover the frustrating and beloved entity that is Nintendo. If this FAQ is your “one stop shop” for GameCube information, it’s because a lot folks out there are doing a good job in uncovering info—making our attempt at organizing and understanding it a bit easier. To this end, I’ve tried to credit sources wherever necessary, occasionally linking references as recommended reading. Check ‘em out; we’re all in this together…

This FAQ is NOT All Fact

This document claims to be 100% factual but compiles and analyzes the existing official information, rumors and theories regarding Nintendo’s next system. At best you’ll know what some of the possibilities are and understand why or why not they might happen. At worst, you’ll be bored to tears.

FAQ Format

The FAQ is organized into specialized sections, each covering a different aspect of Nintendo and the GameCube system. This format should make it easy to find out exactly what you want to know. Initially, sections will be posted a few at a time, in-easy-to-digest portions, until all relevant aspects are covered. A majority of the material is complete, so you won’t be waiting long… Sections will be added and updated as deemed necessary.

“Nintendophiles” Explained

The author of this FAQ is a “Nintendophile” and if you are reading it, you very well might be one too. “Nintendophiles” is a term peppered throughout this FAQ to describe the legions of passionate Nintendo fans—truly a breed apart from your average gamer. Many Nintendophiles grew up with Nintendo games and have a strong fondness for the company, even in the face of things like delays and disappointments, simply because they feel the games are that good.

Nintendophiles are the reason there are so many Nintendo fan sites across the ‘Net; Nintendophiles are why this document exists. This is not to suggest all Nintendo fans are fanatical or even that anyone interested in learning more about Nintendo’s next system is a fan at all. It’s simply a name for the folks who care a lot about Nintendo. You know who you are.

Don't forget the GBA!

The Planet FAQ has expanded its coverage to encompass the Gameboy Advance. The Planet GBA FAQ is written & compiled by Ed Shih, with editing & contributions by Max Lake & formatting by Steve Thomas. The GBA FAQ is separate from the N-Cube FAQ but both will link & reference one another. Why, they’ll work together just like the systems will! Thanks for chipping in, Ed!

In Case We’re Forgetting Anything…

The Planet Gamecube aims to be a work in progress. Despite our best intentions, we’re sure to overlook a few things. Therefore, comments, suggestions, questions and corrections are encouraged and always greatly appreciated.

Please send them to max@planetgamecube.com

Any questions or comments regarding the GBA FAQ should email Ed at ed@planetgamecube.com

Questions are also handled weekly by the Planet staff in our mailbag section. E-Mail us at mailbag@planetgamecube.com

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