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GameCube FAQ

The Nintendo GameCube

by the NWR Staff - August 27, 2001, 12:44 am EDT

A system that will be uh, great.

The Nintendo GAMECUBE

This FAQ existed for a long time prior to Nintendo finally bringing up the curtain on its next system. Now that the name and specifications of Nintendo’s new system have finally been revealed to the public we’re happy to go over the details.

Naturally, despite many of the essentials now disclosed there are many questions that still remain about this awe-inspiring new system from Nintendo.

What does the GameCube look like? How big is it?

Nintendo GameCube is a very small (6”x6” 4”x3”) cube shaped system in what a Nintendo press release calls “transportable housing.” Uh, we think that means it has a handle.

I am a cube that happens to play games. PH33R M3.

When did Nintendo Reveal the Nintendo GAMECUBE?

Nintendo first announced its next-generation system as “Project: Dolphin” just before E3 ’99. The GameCube was revealed to the public just prior to the opening of the Spaceworld 2000 show, over a year later.

Three heads. Five Cubes. Big honkin Blue Logo.

What’s with the name “GAMECUBE?”

The final name of Nintendo’s new system describes the device perfectly. It is a 6”x6” 4”x3” cube - a very small game system indeed! The reason the term “Game” was used in the name is almost as obvious. For more on the name, check out the FAQ’s Name section.

So “Star Cube” was a Fake Name?

Not necessarily. If rumors are to be believed, Hiroshi Yamauchi originally wanted the system to be called “Star Cube.” However, at the last minute, the name was changed, much to the dismay of Yamauchi. It is rumored this was one reason he did not speak at Spaceworld 2000.

What’s with that goshdurn handle?!?

When the GameCube was revealed at Spaceworld many people responded with statements like: ”Holy schnikey, Nintendo – is that your next game system, or is it a lunch box?”

However, the size of the system along with the handle make taking your system anywhere just as convenient as carrying a lunch-box. No carrying case needed here (though you’ll need something to tote games, cords & controllers obviously). With NGC’s four-controller ports and handle, Nintendo want to make it easy for you to take your system everywhere you go and share with your chums. Just wait—you and your friends will thank Nintendo for this dandy little handle.

How Many Colors will the NGC be released in? Which ones?

Right now it seems that the final colors have yet to be decided. During Spaceworld 2000, NGC systems were displayed in the following colors: Gold, Silver, Black, Pink, Purple. Although these colors and more are hoped for, the purple GameCube is the one that appears most in the press.

Some time back, it was made known that the colour violet would be the "offical colour of Nintendo". Whether that means that the Cube will only launch in "Violet" remains to be seen. After all even the GBA is being released in two other colours asides from the "standard" Indigo scheme.

Purple. Black. Gold. Silver. Fuglicious Pink.

What is so Important about Nintendo’s GameCube?

In a nutshell, the Nintendo GameCube is so exciting to Nintendophiles, because there is every indication it will out perform the N64—a system with unbelievable games, though many shortcomings.

When can we Pre-Order it?!?

Pre-orders for the system in the U.S. have not officially begun yet. Nintendo will begin sanctioning pre-orders for the system Labor Day weekend, 2001. For more info, check the Price & Release section of the FAQ.

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