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GameCube FAQ


by Aaron Kaluszka - March 2, 2001, 1:16 am EST

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The FAQ is forever a work-in-progress, with more work going in as more progress is made on the information front. This section has been added to help track what’s going on with this FAQ and let ya zero in on the new bits as they’re added.

March 2nd, 2001

Although no one can read this right now, the FAQ has been converted and re-located to PlanetGameCube, its newest home. The entire document has now been moved over. Now there is a lot of editing and updating to do. Kinda tedious but the final product should see the FAQ better than ever. By the time you see this, everything should be done.

February 9th, 2001

As promised yesterday, a couple new sections are being added today. Expect another update over the weekend.


New Sections:

  • Online - Nintendo's online plans

  • Harware Accessories - The memory cards, Wavebird controller & 3rd parties covered too.

Updated Section:

  • Square - Added effects of Square's $$$ Losses


Updated Section:

  • GBA Specs - Couple corrections & links added.

I've also fixed a few broken links in the index.

February 8th, 2001

Updates to the FAQ have been delayed slightly due to the flurry of developments lately. I'm getting caught up with everything, so stay tuned for more updates & new sections. This time, big updates to a single section - Square.

I owe a big thanks to Ty Shughart for the custom pic. Expect more zany collaborations with "S-U-P-E-R" Ty in the FAQ.


Updated Section:

  • Square - New rumors, developments & everything currently known about the controversial Square/Nintendo situation.

January 29th, 2001

At long last, the NGC FAQ sees its first update in months. With three new sections added and four sections updated, the GameCube FAQ is back on track! More sections & updates are on the way!


New Sections:

  • E3 - A broad look at the all-important U.S. tradeshow

  • Nintendo GameCube -A basic system profile

  • Spaceworld Demos -A rundown on all this sweet eye-candy

Updated Sections:

  • Controller - Facts, figures and info is all current (& thorough!)

  • Spaceworld - A completely updated retrospect of the show

  • Star Cube - All the hooplah documented some newer stuff too

  • What's in a Name? - A tweak or two

I also added a few sections to the index that were missing.

January 24th, 2001

After forever and a day, we begin the long overdue, much needed updating to our FAQs. Steven Thomas is sadly no longer with us, leaving the job of editing and formatting completely to me for now. The GameCube FAQ update is nearing completion rapidly and will be online soon (about time, I know). Till then, enjoy our Game Boy Advance FAQ, now completely up-to-date courtesy of Ed Shih. Scope specific updates to the following sections:


Updated Sections:

  • General -Info on the Japanese price & launch + Xboy rumors.

  • GameCube / GBA Connectivity - specifics on the hook-up and details on Internet functions

  • Games -An expanded Games list + Sega & Square

August 22nd, 2000

As of yesterday, this document became the Planet’s Nintendo Game Cube FAQ, or N-Cube for short. With recent developments & Space World right ‘round the corner, I clearly will have a lot of revising to do. I’m pretty excited about it and even wrote an editorial about it today, which is probably why I’m behind. D’oh!

To make up for it, we’re proud to debut of the Planet’s very own GBA FAQ (written by our own Ed Shih) to these pages. From here on in, changes to the N-Cube FAQ & GBA FAQ will be designated separately.

Enough jabber! Onto updates!


New Sections:

  • 64DD – tons of stuff on Nintendo’s failed add-on

  • Art-X – profile on Nintendo’s graphics’ gurus

  • IBM – technological giant & primary partner

Updated Sections:

  • Introduction – GBA FAQ explained

  • What’s in a Name? – A couple additions, including final name!


New Sections:

  • General – General Info on Gameboy Advance

  • Specs & Capabilities – A Run Down of what GBA can do

  • N-Cube Connectivity – How will the GBA/N-Cube Hook-up?

  • Games – All about the next generation of handheld software

August 15th, 2000

I fire my lazy ass into gear to update the FAQ and hastily post the rest of it before Space World. Added this nifty Updates page for starters. We’re going to need it.

New Sections:

  • DVD – All about the Dolphin’s chosen format.

  • Apple - The FAQ tackles Apple involvement internet rumors.

  • Updates – Why, it’s this page here!

Updated Sections:

  • Star Cube - New developments, new art.

  • Controller - D-Pad Alive & Well + Other stuff.

  • Release Date & Pricing Info - Bite-sized goodies.

  • Introduction - Mas gracias.

August 10th, 2000

I’m sick with pink-eye all week, though the FAQ still gets an update from Steven Thomas’ loving hands posting material for the weekend.

New Sections:

  • Specifications – System specs as we know them.

  • Star Cube - Dolphin’s system name? A cruel hoax? You decide.

  • Star Cube Trademarks - Official documents filed by Nintendo.

  • Squaresoft – What’s up with Square & Nintendo?

August 4th, 2000

The original online Dolphin FAQ returns online, updated and revised, exclusively on Planet N2000.

New Sections:

  • Introduction – yikkity-yak about this FAQ.

  • General Information – on Nintendo’s next system.

  • What’s in a Name? – The multiple names of Dolphin.

  • Release Date & Pricing Information – 'Nuff said.

  • Controller - What we'll play our Dolphins with.

  • Spaceworld - Here's what we know on the upcoming show.

Not all encompassing, though a good start. Welcome back FAQ.

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