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GameCube FAQ

The Apple Rumor

by the NWR Staff - June 16, 2001, 1:58 pm EDT

For some crazy reason, a few people believed that Apple Computers were involved with the development of Nintendo GameCube, or its development kits. It was a completely bunk rumor - learn about it here.

Apple Logo

Is Apple in Involved with GameCube in any way?


Aren’t they Helping with Development Kits?

No, absolutely not.

So what was the deal with Rumors to the Contrary?

Back when GameCube was still "Dolphin," rumors were flying fierce across the internet about Apple being involved with NGC development kits, the FAQ offered its perspective on the buzz. The rumors first took form when the following was reported by Edge magazine:

"Dolphin [GameCube] development kits have now shipped to a select bunch of code shops. ‘We were surprised,’ revealed one source, "because the early systems we have are all Macintosh based, as Mac systems are evidently much closer to Dolphin than PC."

Rumors of a partnership between Apple and Nintendo quickly then appeared in many publications. Fires were fueled when Tendo Box provided their interesting theory regarding the Apple Cube and its possible relation to the “Star Cube Mystery” (for details, check out the Star Cube section).

The Planet GameCube FAQ believes this was a misconception on the part of the source reporting. Too commonly, Apple’s Macintosh computers are incorrectly equated with the PowerPC architecture (which IBM’s Gekko is based on). Simply put, PowerPC does not mean Mac. PowerPC is used in a wide variety of technology, from switches to chip hubs. Both Nintendo and Apple deny any partnership as well, so it seems that the rumors are just that, rumors.

As for what is going on with kits, PlanetGameCube has heard from one first-party developer source that GameCube development tools are actually NT based.

Any connection between Apple & GameCube?

Not officially, and even an imaginary connection between the two companies would be hard to establish.

That said, Apple did provide a crucial clue... the shape of it's G4 Cube is strikingly similar to the GameCube, albiet being slightly sleeker and lacking a handle.

One of the great things about the G4 Cube is that it runs very quietly. Anyone who has played a PSX, PS2 or a DC knows that a loud drive coupled with a fan can be slightly annoying.

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