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Next Nintendo Console May Use New Intel Processor?

by Pedro Hernandez - December 27, 2009, 10:40 am PST
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Intel is rumored to be in talks with Nintendo for a possible next generation partnership.

Japanese technology Impress Watch writer Hiroshige Goto has written an article speculates that chip maker Intel is in talks with Nintendo to form a partnership for their next generation console.

According to Goto, Intel is trying to convince Nintendo to use their latest graphics processor, Larrabee, in the Wii's successor. Based on the timing of the talks, the chip would have to be used in their next console rather than the rumored Wii HD system (said to be coming in 2010).

Goto, however, doesn't provide any more information about the talks, explaining that the Larrabee's push for technology might conflict with Nintendo's more conservative approach. There are a number of problems with Nintendo using Larrabee from power consumption to cost to architecture compatibility.

Larrabee was cancelled as a discrete product earlier in the month. While they are still working on the technology, it is at this point very far behind their competition at ATI and Nvidia.


BlackNMild2k1December 27, 2009

Now you guys report on rumors!?
Where were you guys when the Nvidia Tegra and DS2 rumors surfaced?

They keep being whispered about and for what it's worth sounds like it's mostly a done deal at this point.

As far as Larrabee, this is the chip that Sony supposedly turned down during a possible chip switch for PS4, citing that it was underperforming and was sucking  up too much wattage.
2 things Nintendo would not like for a next-gen chip.

From what I've ready, Intel has abandoned this as a chip for graphics cards, but is still looking to maybe get it into consumer devices somehow.

Madcat221December 27, 2009

Intel... Graphics chip maker....*chortle chortle chortle*.

I call 'em "Intel-Sorry-Excuse-For-Graphics Chips" for a reason. 

BlackNMild2k1December 27, 2009

Quote from: NWR_Lindy

From what I've ready, Intel has abandoned this as a chip for graphics cards, but is still looking to maybe get it into consumer devices somehow.

Nintendo is not gonna abondon ATi for some half baked Intel chip unless the chip is creating miracles for pennies on the dollar. Larrabee was underperforming(like their Atom chip right?), so we can already tell this is not likely to happen.

MorariDecember 27, 2009

Nintendo would really doom themselves if they moves away from AMD. As much as I've hated ATI, I still have to give props to AMD, regardless of the merger.

Dirk TemporoDecember 27, 2009

After the ATI/AMD merger, I don't know why Intel and nVidia wouldn't try to strike up a deal.

ThePermDecember 28, 2009

yeah, the ATI guys that run AMD now were the guys who designed the n64 chips. That's a long term relationship. Hopefully, there will be some decent power in the new box for $250 this time.

ShyGuyDecember 28, 2009

There is bad blood between Nvidia and Intel because they withheld information from each other and tried to squeeze each other out of certain markets.

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