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Kid Icarus Uprising Animated Shorts Coming

by Pedro Hernandez - September 12, 2011, 8:53 pm PDT
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Some of the most famous anime houses will be creating shorts for Nintendo Video.

Several Kid Icarus: Uprising-themed animated shorts will be hitting the Nintendo Video service, Nintendo announced at its 3DS Conference 2011 today.

These shorts will be produced by various anime studios. Some of these include Shaft, Production I.G., and Studio 4C. The videos will be available worldwide via the Nintendo Video service on Nintendo 3DS.

They will be free for download when they are released.


NinSageSeptember 13, 2011


AlexofxenSeptember 13, 2011

This makes me wish I owned a 3DS, oddly more so than the actual game does.  It would be incredibly cool if they will also have this available on the Wii's Nintendo Channel. 

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