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The Planet GameCube Louie Awards 2002

Best Planet GameCube Moment

by the NWR Staff - January 16, 2003, 10:02 pm EST

Our second annual Louie Awards are finally done. See what our staff picked for the best and worst of 2002.

Louie Award 2002

Best Planet GameCube Moment

Karaoke at E3

“It was all fun and games, and I think we all really connected.” – Michael “TYP” Cole

“E3 may seem like a big party to our readers, but it’s a very stressful and busy time for our staff. They pulled off another big year and deserved a party. I think it was honestly one of the best moments I’ve had with our staff. And why I even thought I could sing Rawhide in the state I was in is beyond me.” – Billy Berghammer

"After a long and tough show, kicking back the sake at the Japanese restaurant was the perfect cap to an amazing experience.” – Rick Powers

"I remember when Billy walked over to the tables and said, ‘Guys, we're titling the DVD Shine Get!’ and everybody's eyes just lit up.” – Mike Sklens


“When I went scouting for restaurants in preparation for E3, I had no idea to look for. With the suggestion of Japanese food, I happened along a great place that, as a quaint bonus, also had Karaoke. Many of the staff agreed on the condition that we get a “private room,” but that notion went out the window as soon as we arrived. What we got was hours and hours of good food, laughter, and wild singing that were all so desperately needed after a rough week at E3. Better get your songs picked now boys and girls, because I think we’ll be heading back again.” – Daniel Bloodworth

Runner Up: Releasing the DVD On Time

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